Zone in on Naomi Watts Healthy Weight Loss Program

Naomi Watts’ Fitness Regimen

Naomi Ellen Watts is a British born, Australian actress who is known for her film roles in Mullholland Drive (2001), The Ring (2002) and 21 Grams (2003). She’s also starred in the remake of King Kong, Eastern Promises and most recently The International. She’s also a mom to two small children. But with a body like hers, who would have guessed?

Naomi Watts on Her Different Weight Loss Diets

She’s already in her 40s and is also a new mom to her second child but Naomi’ Watts’ body sure still looks really good! What’s her secret to having a body that sexy even with a baby? Well, according to close sources of Naomi, she’s actually been on different diet plans to lose all that baby weight she put in when she was pregnant.
It has been reported that the actress has been on the Zone Diet Plan, a very popular weight loss diet plan among celebrities. This diet plan is specifically designed to help you lose weight fast and before you think this rapid weight loss diet plan is unhealthy, think again because it is in fact a healthy weight loss plan.
The meals in this diet plan are proportionally prepared so you get a balanced ratio of carbohydrates (40%), fat (30%) and proteins (30%). Naomi Watts is advised to keep her calorie consumption to 500 per day, and snack consumption to 100 calories per day for this diet plan. The Zone Diet plan also encourages lots of leafy green vegetables, fruits, nuts, a healthy dose of protein along with eight glasses of water a day which is a great contributing factor for weight loss.
The actress has also been reportedly trying out another type of diet plan, called the Blood Type Diet Plan which is also a very popular diet plan among Hollywood celebrities. Naomi’s weight loss is for a number of different reasons which includes getting rid of her baby fat and preparing herself for a new role.

The Blood Type Diet plan got popular when the book Eat Right 4 Your Type by Peter D’Adamo came out. The premise of the Blood Type Diet plan is that the lectins in foods react differently with each blood type.

People that are in this group are believed to be the hunters; the earliest human blood group. People in this category should eat a meat-rich diet plan.

People in this group are called the cultivators and are believed to be a more recently evolved blood type, dating back to the agriculture times. People in this category should emphasize their diet on vegetables and vegetarian diets, eliminating red meats.

This category is also referred to as the nomad type. People with this blood type usually have an excellent immune system as well as a good digestive system.  People in this group should stick to lots of dairy products in their diet plan.

This group is labeled the enigma group and is the infant of all the blood type groups. People in this group are advised to include foods in their diet plan that is between the blood type A and blood type B.
Aside from sticking to a healthy weight loss diet plan, Naomi Watts also says that she credits her weight loss to breastfeeding. Naomi Watts explained to People magazine that her son is “sucking it all out of me, it seems and when the baby comes out, it’s a lot of weight right there.”

Naomi Watts on Weight Loss Pilates Exercise

To achieve a rapid weight loss that is also on the healthy side, Naomi Watts also knows that to keep her body looking as sexy as ever she also needs not only to have a healthy weight loss diet plan but a good fitness exercise program to couple it with as well.
During the early part of 2009, Naomi Watts has reportedly also gotten back to the gym. The actress is said to be going there at least 4 times a week for her fitness exercise program. Naomi Watts’ personal fitness trainer has been working with her on strength fitness training, reps exercises, and lots of cardio exercises. In between, Naomi Watts also did yoga exercise to relax her muscles.
Now, she’s been trying out a new fitness exercise program: Weight Loss Pilates with Kristin McGee! This contains 2, twenty-minute fitness exercises which blend traditional Pilates strengthening exercise with “cardio exercise blasts” for extra calorie burning. Naomi is just one of the many celebrity moms who are huge fans of using Pilates-based exercise intervals to get and stay in shape.
This fitness exercise program is fun and motivating because it continually shifts between different fitness exercise programs which fights off boredom but would at the same time still make you feel that you would achieve the long, lean muscles so often envied on Pilates exercise loving enthusiasts.

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