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Tyra Banks Healthy Lifestyle


Tyra Banks is a supermodel, an international celebrity for almost 20 years, and hostess of the well known “The Tyra Banks Show”. Tyra Banks is also one of the all-time best Elite, Vogue or Victoria’s Secret models. The 5’11” beauty was quickly discovered in Los Angeles, her birth city, and offered a healthy contract with cosmetics company Cover Girl. She is only the third African-American woman in the world to secure such an opportunity. She couldn’t have been able to maintain such a great career over all these years without a healthy diet plan and a great workout routine.  Keep reading to find out some weight loss tips that work!

Tyra Banks Diet Dishes

Tyra’s diet and fitness plan for losing an estimated 30 lbs in five months and getting back in shape included:
– Hiring a chef to cook healthy meals.
– Cooking soup dishes for herself, using recipes from her favorite cookbook “400 Best-Ever Soups” by Anne Sheasby, offering good weight loss tips as well. Losing weight with soup is a diet tip also used by Cameron Diaz to maintain her starlet figure.
Today, she said to “Shape” magazine that she eats plenty of fresh fruits (her favorites: mangos and papayas) and salads with chicken, shrimp, as part of her protein diet plan. She recently hired a part-time chef to help her out in the evenings. “He makes meals and leaves them for when I get home. This way I can even enjoy regular diet desserts because he knows a lot of healthy diet recipes” she says. Eat right, lose weight!

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400 Best-Ever Soups

AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL- CYCLE 3Workout with Celebrity Trainer

When it comes to dropping some sweat or lose weight quick, Tyra Banks likes to do it her own way, with a private trainer. Martin Snow is “her guy”, a well known fitness trainer from the ultra exclusive “Trinity Boxing Club”. It was him who told “US Weekly” all about the star’s program and other weight loss strategies.
“Basically what she does are moves that a fighter would do. She tends to get bored just doing conventional stuff. I do old-man Charles Atlas workouts. Typically, I bring her over to the park for workout routines to lose weight; we will do some warm-ups, boxing, some running drills, a parachute run where I put a parachute around her and she runs with it. We will do some medicine work where she will take heavy medicine balls and run and chase after them, and throw them at different angles. And then we do kettle balls. I bring them out to the park for the weight loss training. They are fantastic tools. For women, they are awesome. They target the core and you can do it every day. She is getting a pair for home and for work. She comes in around three times a week for around and hour to an hour and a half and each time it’s different. She is not afraid to get dirty. She is not afraid to go to the park and have people looking at her like she’s crazy. She is not worried about image, just weight loss results. I really stay away from doing anything you would find in a health club routine. If you can plug it in, we probably don’t use it. And if it was invented after 1950, we don’t use it. It’s very effective. You don’t need expensive equipment or high tech stuff, there is no “easiest way to lose weight”, just hard work!”

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