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Toni Braxton Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Toni Braxton’s Fitness Routine

Toni Braxton Diet and ExerciseHer fitness routine keeps her fit and more importantly healthy. Toni was diagnosed with heart disease in 2003. After her diagnosis Toni changed her lifestyle. Now Toni eats a healthy diet, and works out regularly. Find out how Toni stays in such great shape below.

Toni Braxton’s Diet

Toni learned that she had heart disease and started eating a healthy Low fat and Balanced diet.

Toni Braxton’s Exercise

She keep her figure and healthy by doing forms of Cardio and Aerobics.

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4 responses to “Toni Braxton Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets”

  1. Kriztina

    hi i want to know how to lose weight and FAST. im a teenager in highschool and i so want to lose weight. ive seen toni braxtons new music video and OMG she is in good shape!! i currently weigh 170(lbs) but i dont look that big at ALL!! my friend is around the same and she ….well….lets just say she reminds me of queen latifah.lol. But i started losing weight for 4 weeks…the WRONG WAY! i didnt eat anything for days…only drank a lot of water and 1 fruit and a mini salad if i was still hungry. i was 180 lbs and i dropped to 160 lbs but then i started getting really stressed out from personal family things and i went back up but even though i went back up my figger was different . i lost body fat i noticed but not my weight. please could you tell me some tricks or a routine i could do so i can lose weight fast and look ATLEAST as thin as Toni Braxton really quickly. thx. PS. i want to lose weight atleast until the end of may. thank you. :) <3

  2. Toni

    There is never a healthy way to lose weight fast. So i suggest you dedicate some time everyday to exercising. The best way to lose weight is to be constantly active without realizing it, then when u go to the gym its just to tone up. This is much more realistic. So do some workout videos, take walks, play sports with friends and family, go for swims (burns so much calories), then try to go to the gym at least three times a week but make sure that you are active everyday. Then part two is your diet, take multivitamins and B-vitamin complex everyday. Always get a veggie serving in with lunch and dinner and watch your portions. Don’t limit urself on what u crave, eat what u want but eat less by drinking lots of water and taking your time when u eat. And yes try to get ur 8 glasses of water in by drinking at every meal and carrying a water bottle. Also get in the habit of cooking, it makes u have a better appreciation and knowledge for food, plus when u cook u are most likely eating healthier because u know what goes in ur food. Do this and I promise u that u will see results. The hardest part about healthy weight loss is sticking with it, because the drastic results won’t happen in days, more like months, but when someone comments on how u look thinner it will all the worth it. Oh and P.S. the scale is evil when u are trying to lose weight the healthy way because all ur fat is being replaced by muscle the numbers on the scale might not change drastically but ur body shape will, so limit urself to going on the scale once or twice a month. Try to implement all this and as you get to know ur body, personalize ur workout, soon u will love ur new lifestyle and that’s what it takes, a lifestyle change so that u not only lose weight but maintain it.

  3. Lady S

    Hi Kriztina,

    Well, I wish there was a quick and healthy way to lose weight fast but there isn’t. What I can suggest though is that you do some cardio and a few weights to get your body to look like Toni’s. I must admit she does look amazing.

    Also pay attention to what you eat. Replace some of the more unhealthy foods with fruit and veggies. This will encourage a healthy lifestyle and a great body for years to come. If you do it right you will enjoy it and look great for as long as you take care of yourself.

    Try not to do too much all at once because you will soon tire of it. Also, drink lots of water and add a dash of lemon to your water. It a great trick I use to drink lots. Try to eat small portions of healthy foods about 8 times a day and try not to eat anything too rich after 7……

    Good luck and tell us what happens in a few months.

    Hope this helps.

    Lady S.

  4. winter rain

    Well my weight went down when traveling but i was under stress with the death of my sister so then it went up. I think it was like at first i was 153 pounds when i came home then you know i got on medication and lost pounds like crazy but i wanna find a work out i can do in the winter because its so cold and winter is where the holidays hit and ma family loves too cook so i need advice on how to get in shape over the winter

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