Ali Fedotowsky Healthy Weight Loss Program

Ali Fedotowsky Speaks About Her Healthy Weight Loss Program Ali Fedotowsky On A Low Calorie Diet Plan Ali Fedotowsky was a contestant on The Bachelor’s 14th season, starring pilot Jake Pavelka. She went on to star as The Bachelorette the following season, having bailed on Jake. A native of Massachusetts, Ali works in advertising. Ali Fedotowsky discovered that dating many men under the watchful gaze of cameras can be stressful during her turn in the reality dating show The Bachelorette. The 25-year-old has endured an emotional roller coaster, and she confessed that it had led to stress eating and weight […]

Jordin Sparks Reveals Her Healthy Weight Loss

Jordin Sparks Talks About Her Healthy Weight Loss Jordin Sparks Fitness Exercise Program We were introduced to Sparks as an American Idol winner in 2007 – where she was the youngest winner at 17 years old. Known as the curvaceous contestant – Sparks embraced her body in lieu of backlash from MeMe Roth, self-appointed head of her own political action group – the National Action Against Obesity. Roth declared Sparks as over-weight and predicted a sea of health challenges in her future. Sparks took the high road – stating that Roth and others should “just get over it” in May […]

Jessica Simpson New Weight Loss And Exercise Program

Jessica Simpson’s New Weight Loss Program: A Detox Diet Plan Coupled with a Fitness Exercise Program Jessica Simpson On A Detox Diet Plan Jessica Ann Simpson is an American singer, actress, television personality and fashion designer whose rise to fame began in 1999. Since that time, Simpson has achieved many recording milestones, starred in several television shows, movies, and commercials, launched a line of hair and beauty products, and designed fragrances, shoes, and handbags for women. She has devoted time to philanthropic efforts including Operation Smile and a USO-hosted tour for troops stationed overseas. Jessica’s Weight Loss Diet Plan   […]

Kerry Katona On A Strict Weight Loss Diet Plan

Kerry Katona Talks About Her Healthy Weight Loss Kerry Katona Rapid Weight Loss Kerry Katona’s not been known for her pin-up status in the last few years. In the last couple of years Kerry’s faced accusations of drug abuse, been dropped from a lucrative advertising campaign, and been declared bankrupt. But now she’s fighting back and one of her ways of doing so is by getting on the fitness exercise regimen to lose weight and get her slim body back. Speaking to Closer magazine, Kerry said: “Last year, I was so depressed and I became a couch potato, forgetting about […]

Helen Mirren Endorses Wii as New Weight Loss and Fitness Exercise Program

Helen Mirren’s Secret to Weight Loss and Fitness Sixty-five year old actress Helen Mirren couldn’t be looking better!  The word is “wow”!  Those famous curves must be making a lot of women her jealous, women of all ages jealous for that matter. With an Oscar on her mantel and the right to use “Dame” before her name, Helen Mirren definitely doesn’t need to strip down for the camera to publicize her latest movie.  But when you look as good as she does at 65, why wouldn’t you?  The British actress has caused quite a stir by posing naked, soapy breasts […]

The City’s Whitney Port Reveals Her Weight Loss Diet Plan and Fitness Exercise Program

Key to Whitney Port’s looks is her exercise Program Whitney Port, the star who had her life chronicled on the MTV reality show The Hills, and now on City also does her fair share of weight loss diet plan and fitness exercise program.  She does her fitness exercises with fitness trainer Danny Connolly and she recently wrote on her blog, “He seriously does wonders!” When she does her fitness training exercises with Danny, Whitney Port  does the Step-By-Step fitness exercise program routine that involves traveling lunges to work the thighs and lower body.  For the upper body she does butt […]

Ellen Pompeo Brings Energy into Her Weight Loss Diet Plan

Ellen Pompeo’s Diet and Fitness Routine Ellen Pompeo is one of the stars that make Grey’s Anatomy the hit drama show that it is and it seemed like it was only yesterday that people had fallen in love with the actress in Season 1 of Grey’s. And now, six seasons into the show and Ellen Pompeo who plays Dr. Meredith Grey is facing a new set of challenges outside of the OR. Ellen Pompeo’s challenges include juggling a successful acting career in Hollywood, a marriage and now a baby girl that’s about eight months old! Ellen Pompeo appeared on the […]

Julianne Moore’s Fitness Trainer Spills the Beans on Her Fitness Exercise Program

Julianne Moore’s Diet and Fitness Regimen Julianne Moore’s movie Chloe had caused quite a ruckus in Hollywood as the famous actress shared a kiss with her young female co-star Amanda Seyfried in the movie. But that’s not all that’s making the rounds in Hollywood. Julianne Moore had looked stunning when she walked on the red carpet during the premiere of her movie, Chloe. Julianne Moore is a sexy, successful, 49-year-old celebrity with several Oscar nominations under her belt. She is a happily married mother of two, and with her hot body it is hard to imagine that she could ever […]

The Weight Loss Diet Plan and Fitness Exercise Program of Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana’s Diet and Fitness Routine Zoe Saldana is one sexy extra terrestrial and trekker. This star is definitely on the rise and Hollywood has been keeping a keen eye on her. She’s starred in two box office hit movies – Avatar and Star Trek and she without a doubt looked super hot in her Trekker costume. Zoe Saldana also looks good on the red carpet. Zoe Saldana lives a healthy and active lifestyle and so it’s no wonder that Zoe Saldana sports such a well toned body. Want to be as sexy as Zoe Saldana? Read on to find […]

Bleeding Love Singer’s Reveals Her Weight Loss Diet Plan Secrets

Leona Lewis Amazing Weight Loss British singer Leona Lewis has never been – and will never be either – what one may call a stick-thin girl. Considered by many the poster child for a normal, curvy figure, the hitmaker is also not a stranger to weight loss oscillations. The most spectacular is the latest, with Leona Lewis going from a size 14 to a stunning size 10 thanks to a detox diet plan she underwent at the end of last summer, as she reveals in a recent interview cited by the Daily Mail. Of course the media can’t help but […]

OC Star Rachel Bilson Reveals Her Diet Plan and Fitness Exercise Program

Rachel Bilson’s Fitness Routine Rachel Sarah Bilson is an American actress most well known for her role as Summer Roberts in the hit series The O.C. The 29 year old is also famous for her absolutely stylish fashion choices and being the fiancée of Hollywood heartthrob Hayden Christensen, her leading man in the action/sci-fi film Jumper. Even now that her TV series has been off the air for quite a couple of years already, Hollywood still can’t help but take notice of Rachel Bilson for her svelte figure. So we had to ask, what is Rachel Bilson’s diet plan and […]

Debra Messing Credits Fitness Exercise and Weight Loss to Her Son

Debra Messing’s Fitness Regimen Debra Messing is looking like one hot momma nowadays and she’s been around Hollywood for quite awhile now, starting her career appearing as a guest star in several episodes of the television series NYPD Blue during 1994 and 1995. She also starred alongside Keanu Reeves in the film A Walk in the Clouds, playing his unfaithful wife. She’s also been named as one of the “50 Most Beautiful People in the World” by People Magazine back in 2002 and TV Guide had named her “Best Dressed Woman” in 2003. Her most memorable role is as Grace […]

Christina Aguilera: “Back to Basics” Weight Loss and Fitness Exercise Program

Christina Aguilera’s Diet and Fitness Regimen Christina Aguilera is about to turn 30 and she’s still looking as fit and sexy as she had been the first time her “Genie in a Bottle” video debuted on MTV way back early 2000 when she and Britney Spears were the only female pop stars battling it out for the Number 1 spot in the music industry. She’s had several successful albums out already and she’s also now a mom to an adorable boy named Max. Like almost every other celebrity who’ve gotten pregnant and given birth, she had undergone a fitness exercise […]

Sela Ward’s Magical Diets and Fitness Routine

Sela Ward Health & Fitness Sela Ward believes that the secret to a happy life is to take everything in her own time and at her own pace. Although she considers herself a late bloomer, having married at age 35 and becoming a mom twice over between the ages of 37 and 41, she is very much enjoying life in her 40’s. The television actress says this is the most magical time for her and people around her attest to it. They all feel her uninhibited energy. It’s no wonder women her age see her as a role model. Taking […]

Weight Loss From Carla Gugino

Carla Gigino’s Diet and Fitness Regimen Carla N. Gugino (born August 29, 1971) is an American actress known for her roles of Sally Jupiter in Watchmen, Vincent Chase’s agent, Amanda, in season 3 of Entourage, Ingrid Cortez in the Spy Kids film trilogy, and as the lead characters of the television series Karen Sisco and Threshold.  Carla Gugino was born in Sarasota, Florida, of Italian, English, and Irish ancestry. She has played quite few different roles over the years and she has always looked great! What is her weight loss program? What kind of fitness exercise does she do? Is […]