Kim Kardashian Weight Loss Secrets

Kim Kardashian Weight Loss Secrets The Kim Kardashian diet and celebrity workout, does that sound like a good title for a book? Well with a fiercely sexy body like that, Kim should get into the celebrity diet game. In March, Kim K shared her celebrity diet and celebrity workout secrets with Us Magazine, explaining how she dropped six pounds in seven days. Celebrity diets are fiercely guarded in the show business considering everything is a secret when it comes to celebrities but celebrity diets and celebrity workouts that result in incredible weight loss are truly special secrets worth dying for! […]

Olivia Wilde Fitness Exercise Program

Olivia Wilde Says Role on Tron Called for No Weight Loss Olivia Wilde Weight Loss Diet Plan Olivia Wilde is an Irish-American actress and model. She’s best known for her role as the sexy bisexual and dying of Huntington’s disease doctor “Thirteen” on the Emmy award winning TV drama House. But the actress is making new buzz because she’s starring in the box office hit, Tron sequel. Her role in this film requires that she wears tight fitting costume and she rocks it well! So what did Olivia have to do in order to look fabulous in her costume? Did […]

Real Housewives of Orange County star Jeana Keough Joins TV Weight Loss Program

Jeana Keough’s Weight Loss Program Lose Fat Fast with Jeana Keough The Real Housewives of Orange County star Jeana Keough has consistently lived a glamorous lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean it’s always been healthy. “My social life was breakfast, lunch and dinner with clients,” said the longtime Coto de Caza resident and real estate agent. “I’ve gained a lot of weight in the last four years. My kids, who are all on this health kick, didn’t respect me.” Jeana Keough wanted to do something about her situation, but had difficulty putting herself on a healthy weight loss program without any […]

Nicole Sullivan’s Post Baby Weight Loss

Nicole Sullivan’s Amazing Weight Loss Nicole Sullivan is the star of Rita Rocks on Lifetime. She’s a mother of two who has recently given birth but is now back to sporting a hot body. Just as many Hollywood celebrity moms, it didn’t take her long to get herself on a weight loss program that involves a fitness exercise program to lose weight – the post baby weight that is! The actress enlisted weight loss help from Jenny Craig to lose the 35 pounds she gained while she was pregnant. She started her weight loss program that involve a fitness exercise […]