How to lose weight, courtesy of Pink!   Just like a lot of Hollywood celebrity women who’ve given birth, Pink has said goodbye to baby weight and hello to amazing abs! The kick ass pop rock singer who has been seriously committed to her celebrity diet, swears that she gained 55 pounds during pregnancy! The 33-year-old singer welcomed daughter Willow with husband Carey Hart in June 2011, and after indulging during pregnancy she hit the gym hard to exercise and to lose pregnancy weight that was left after giving birth. Pink’s exercise to lose belly fat and her diet have definitely been […]

Paula Deen Weight Loss Secrets

Paula Deen and her Celeb Diets In Hollywood, a lot of the celebrity weight loss secrets have health reasons as a motivating factor. Six months after revealing her Type 2 diabetes diagnosis, Paula Deen has joined the bandwagon of celebrities who lose weight. Specifically Paula Deen has lost 30 pounds. The celebrity chef who is most famous for her abiding love of all things buttery, cheesy and fried told People Magazine : “I do think differently now . I’m more aware.” What are Paula Deen’s weight loss secrets?  One of Paula Deen’s secrets is that now she replaced favorite comfort foods like mashed […]

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss

How to lose pregnancy weight like Jessica Simpson In Hollywood, a lot of A-list actors, actresses and singers in the business need to have not only talent but fit and sexy bodies too. Singer Jessica Simpson used to be one of those Hollywood celebs with an amazing body. Since getting pregnant, she’s gained a lot of weight. But since she’s given birth, Jessica is determined to shed all the pregnancy pounds she’s packed on and rejoin the club of sexy celeb bodies. How does she plan to have one of those healthy and fit celeb bodies again? Jessica Simpson weight loss […]

Beyonce Diet: Her Secret to a Bootylicious Figure

Celebrity Weight Loss Central. Beyonce shares her secrets! When it comes to celebrities, Beyonce is probably one of the most iconic figures in the music industry especially considering her sexy figure. Naturally, people want to know about the kind of diet programs, specifically the diet meal plan, she keeps to attain and maintain her desired body shape. Beyonce diet meal plan, exercise regimens, and all sorts of wellness practices she does have been the talk of the town much more at the time she was pregnant. Beyonce being well known for having such a toned physique, has been asked about […]