Lady Gaga’s Rockin’ Body Result of Strict Weight Loss Diet Plan and Fitness Exercise Program

Lady Gaga’s Fitness Regimen Lady Gaga is best known for her wild outfits, ambitious hairstyles and off-the-wall makeup although she does make great dance music too. But once you get past her kooky sense of fashion, you’ll find that Lady Gaga has a killer body hiding beneath all that. Not that this is much of a surprise since the pop star sings her way through tightly choreographed dance sequences that require a tremendous amount of endurance, strength and flexibility. Want to know what’s her diet plan and fitness exercise secret? Read on as her fitness trainer, Harley Pasternak and Lady […]

Sophia Bush Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Tips

Sophia Bush’s Healthy and Fit Lifestyle Her diet and fitness program has her looking fit and lean. Sophia sticks to her diet and workout schedule and it looks like it is paying off for her. Want to know how she stays in such amazing shape? Find out below. Sophia Bush’s Diet Sophia Bush uses the 5 Factor Program to stay in shape. Sophia Bush’sExercise She follows the 5 Factor program with Hollywood trainer and creator of the 5 factor program Harley Pastenak. She walks her dog for exercise. Tweet This Post

Vanessa Williams Celebrity Diet Workout, and Weight Loss Tips

Vanessa Williams’ Fit and Healthy Regimen Vanessa Williams Celebrity Diet and Workout program keeps this singer/ actress looking great year after year. Vanessa has always taken good care of her body. She eats healthy and exercises regularly. Want to find out all of Vanessa’s weight loss secrets? Keep reading to find out what they are. Vanessa Williams’s Diet Vanessa Drop 20 pounds for her “Ugly Betty” Role working with 5-factor Hollywood trainer Harley Pasternak. She follows the Five factor and ate 5 small mini meals a day. Vanessa Williams’s Exercise Follow the 5 factor program, and also does Winsor Pilates. Tweet This […]

Halle Berry Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Halle Berry’s Fit and Healthy Lifestyle Her body philosophy has not only kept this oscar winning star in tip top shape, but it has also kept her healthy. Halle Berry has diabetes, so she doesn’t eat sugary foods. Halle has also consistently worked out for years. This formula appears to be working very well for this 5 ft 7 inch star. Find out her body slimming secrets below. Halle Berry’s Diet Halle Berry follows the 5-Factor Diet, and also follows a Diabetic Diet. She eats at home before she goes out to gatherings where there is food, as to avoid finger […]

Mandy Moore Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Mandy Moore’s Fitness Routine Her fitness routine keeps this 5 foot 10 inch actress in amazing shape. Mandy refuses to succumb to the “size zero” mentality of Hollywood. She is very confident and has a great body image. Want to know what her body slimming secrets? Check them out below. Mandy Moore’s Diet Mandy Moore follows the diet guidelines of the 5 Factor diet. Mandy Moore’s Exercise Mandy follows the exercise program of The 5 Factor diet. Mandy Moore’s Quotes “I know I’m different from the typical Hollywood ideal of what is beautiful. But quite frankly I don’t think that’s attainable and I’m […]

Kanye West Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Kanye West Fitness Routine His regiment keeps this award winning rapper in tip top shape. Kanye doesn’t like to fuss about dieting and working out. But he looks great and has found a routine and a way of eating that gives him energy and keeps him looking great. Want to know what his body sculpting secrets are? Check them out below. Kanye West’s Diet Kanye West follows the 5-Factor diet program. Kanye West’s Exercise Kanye follows the 5-Factor exercise program. Kanye West’s Quotes “The 5-Factor Diet saved me on tour. I can’t believe there is healthy food that tastes this […]

Katherine Heigl Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss and Fitness Tips from Katherine Heigl What regimen keeps this 5 foot 8 inch actress in great shape? Katherine has found the prefect formula to keeping fit and toned. Want to know her body slimming secrets? Check them out below. Katherine Heigl’s Diet Katherine Heigl used The 5-Factor Diet program to get her body into shape and trained with the creator of the program. She likes meat and potatoes and avoids most fruits. Before the 5-factor program she used to keep her weight in check she eats throughout the day with small meals, eating things that make her […]

Jessica Simpson Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Tips

Jessica Simpson’s Healthy Weight Loss Jessica Simpson Celebrity Diet and Workout Routine has changed over the past few years, but it has always kept this 5 ft 4 inches singer and actress in top notch shape. Jessica has used the Atkins Diet in the past, but found it hard to stick to long term. Jessica got into amazing shape for the movie “Major Movie Star” with the help of Harley Paternak, find out all of her body secrets below. Jessica Simpson’s Diet Jessica Simpson has been known to follow a version of the South Beach Diet, and avoids sugar. As […]

Jessica Simpson talks about training for “Major Movie Star”

Jessica Simpson’s Healthy Diet and Fitness Training Jessica Simpson talks about training for “Major Movie Star”. According to Intouch Magazine, Jessica Simpson is “having a Blast” in preparation for her new movie. This fit celebrity went to bootcamp in Shreveport, La and worked out harder with her trainer 5-factor creator Harley Pasternak. Q: You look amazing. Have you been working out hard? A: I am absolutely stronger than I have ever been. I’ve never been in this shape in my life. I am definitely seeing muscles that I have never seen before. I was like wow! I didn’t know that […]

Benjamin Bratt Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Benjamin Bratt Follows the 5 Factor Diet and Workout At 6 ft 2 Inches Benjamin has height on his side. Best known role was that of Det. Rey Curtis on the television show Law & Order. He never budges on weight and always look healthy fit and trim. So what does he do to stay in tip top shape? Benjamin Bratt’s Diet Benjamin follows “The 5-factor diet” program. Which is low-fat protein, low- to moderate- glycemic carbs, healthy fat, sugar-free beverages. 5 Factor Overview 5-week plan This plan is designed to give you results in five weeks! And it’s so […]

Eva Mendes Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Loss Weight with Eva Mendes Eva Mendes Celebrity Diet and Workout Philosophy has this 5 foot 6 inches actress in top notch shape. Eva has a healthy body image, and likes her body. Maxim ranked her #7 in its 2007 Hot 100 issue. Eva also made her second Maxim cover in the November 2007 issue. So what’s her secret? Keep reading to find out. Eva Mendes’s Diet Eva Mendes loves sushi. She follows the 5-factor diet (Click for more info). Eva Mendes’s Exercise Eva does very light weights and lots of cardio. Activities like Hiking, walking, and Dancing. She follows the 5-factor […]

Rachel Weisz Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

5 Factor Diet for Rachel Weisz Rachel Weisz Celebrity Diet and Workout program has this 5 foot 7 inch actress looking amazing. Rachel has a healthy body image and takes care of herself. Find out how she stays in shape below. Rachel Weisz Diet Rachel Weisz follows the 5 Factor diet plan. Rachel Weisz Exercise Rachel also follows the 5 Factor workout. Which is designed by personal trainer Harley Pasternak. The program can be done virtually anywhere, and doesn’t require a lot of equipment. Rachel Weisz Quotes ”If you diet away your curves, you are dieting away your femininity.” “I enjoy dressing up, […]

Orlando Bloom Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Orlando Bloom Healthy Living Orlando Bloom Celebrity Diet and Exercise. His workout routine has him looking great. Orlando takes care of his body and eats a very healthy diet. Orlando doesn’t eat meat and exercises regularly. Find out all of his healthy body tips below. Orlando Bloom Diet Orlando is a strict vegetarian, and avoids dairy products. He follows The 5 Factor Diet program by Harley Pasternak M.Sc Orlando Bloom Exercise Orlando follows 5-factor workout program as well. Yoga and Pilates is also something he does on a regular basis. Orlando Bloom Quotes “I do yoga and Pilates. I’ve been blessed to be […]

Val Kilmer Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Val Kilmer Fitness Workpout Val Kilmer Celebrity Diet and Workout. His fitness regiment has changed throughout the years. Val sticks to his diet as much as possible but isn’t afraid of gaining a few pounds when he’s not working. But when he needs to get n shape for a role he’s game. Find out all of Val’s weight loss secrets below. Val Kilmer Diet Val Kilmer follows the 5 Factor Diet program. Val Kilmer Exercise He follows the Workout guidelines of the 5 Factor Diet program. Tweet This Post