Shakira Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Shakira’s Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets

What program has this singer looking awesome? At 5 foot 1 inch Shakira doesn’t have a lot of places to hide any weight gain. But she never has to because she’s always in great shape. Find out how she does it below.

Shakira DietsShakira Diet and Exercise

So does Shakira follow specific diets, or a strict weight loss program? Or is she one of those famous artists who doesn’t eat anything outside her “weight loss program” or her “Fast Diet“ of the week? According to, this is a sample of Shakira’s Diet:
Behind those sensual curves hide the following secrets: a diet low in fat with a lot of protein and enough physical activity. Don’t forget the regimen that maintains her figure without taking away her energy. (This is thanks to


* 1 glass of grapefruit or orange juice
* 1 slice of melon or pineapple
* 1 slice whole grain toast with low-fat cheese
* Coffee or tea with a little nonfat milk
* Midmorning:
* 1 apple or 2 kiwifruit or 1 peach with a medium diet yogurt.


* Tomato and boiled spinach salad.
* Filet of tongue with half-tablespoon olive oil or
* 1 lean grilled beefsteak or
* 1 serving pumpkin pudding or
* 1 plate spaghetti with vegetables.
* 1 cup fruit salad or 1 cup fruit compote.
* Midafternoon:
* 1 nonfat yogurt or
* 1 glass tomato juice or
* 1 slice whole grain toast with shakira3white nonfat cheese.


* Vegetable soup
* Lentils with tomato and broccoli.
* 2 slices whole grain bread
* 1 peach or
* 1 apple or
* 1 serving diet gelatin with fruit or
* 1 fruit salad
* She doesn’t drink alcohol or (caffeinated) coffee.
* She dies for junk food, but tries to avoid it.
* She never ever stays up late, except for work.
* She doesn’t eat sweets (Loves Chocolate, but tries to avoid it).
* She doesn’t smoke or think about smoking.

Shakira Fitness and Exercise

Butt And Thigh Shaper Exercise Options
Everyone knows about running, cycling, roller blading and so on…however if you’re sporting a huge fat butt you’re not feeling comfortable about jumping on a bike. Running? Nice concept, but the practical facts are that many persons with the apple body shape and a pronounced fat butt lack the muscle tone and strength and mental discipline to head out onto the street. Emotionally? The thought of plodding along a public street, with sagging skin, is just too embarrassing. Result? You know what you might do…but can’t take the next step.

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She uses fitness machines such as an Elliptical machine, 3 pound dumbells for light weighting, and dancing to stay in top shape.