Put That Chocolate Away Adriana Lima!

Adriana Lima’s Diet and Fitness Plan

adriana-lima1Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima is a Brazilian knockout, and she’s been working on perfecting every definition of that word with her workouts in the ring.

After trying multiple forms of fitness like running, spinning, and yoga, Adriana has found that boxing is what keeps her body and mind guessing best. She says there’s something new to learn every day and this dynamic makes her feel consistently challenged.

Here’s what else she told People about her love for boxing:

Boxing! It’s my favorite thing to do because it’s always exciting. It’s the best type of cardio that you can do. And you build up muscles without being too big, just lean muscles.

Her enthusiasm for the workout — and those impressive stems — makes me want to put on a pair of gloves and get punching.

Life has a way of requiring us to make some adjustments though. In Adriana Lima’s case she will have to make quite few changes. She is pregnant! Guess what? You cannot exercise the same way and you cannot eat the same things when you are pregnant and a super model making over $8,000,000 a year! The supermodel is thrilled to be pregnant with her first child, but she’s had to modify her fitness routine because of her growing belly. Adriana Lima cannot box anymore and she has been forced toward a form of fitness she used to shun — yoga. She admitted to People magazine,

I’m doing yoga now. I didn’t used to take it seriously, but now I realize it’s really good way to get some exercise – and it’s fun.

In with the belly, out with the sweet tooth! Due with her first child — a delivery surprise — in mid-December, Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima is no longer craving candy treats.

“It’s funny because I used to love chocolate — I was such a chocolate lover until I got pregnant!” she laughs at a Louis Vuitton event celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Lunar Landing in New York City.

Nothing that “it just doesn’t appeal to me at all,” Adriana admits she has managed to steer clear of the sweet stuff since she discovered she was expecting.

That said, the 28-year-old holds out hope that baby-on-the-way’s big debut will coincide with the return of her chocolate obsession!

adriana-lima-21“I guess that’s a good thing since it’s chocolate and it’s probably not good for the baby to eat too much sugar, but I hope I get my love of chocolate back afterwards because I really did enjoy it!”

Fortunately for Adriana, the disappearance of chocolate is a small price to pay for her newfound sense of fulfillment in life. “I feel like I’m glowing because I just — right now — I just have everything,” she explains. “My life is complete at this moment.”

According to the mama-to-be, her husband Marko Jaric shares in her excitement! Despite his model wife being “only 17 weeks” along, the proud papa-to-be, a guard for the Memphis Grizzlies, was elated to recently purchase baby’s first stroller.

“He was telling me that he can’t wait to push the stroller around and how he’s going to be the proudest dad in the whole world.”