OC Star Rachel Bilson Reveals Her Diet Plan and Fitness Exercise Program

Rachel Bilson’s Fitness Routine

Rachel Sarah Bilson is an American actress most well known for her role as Summer Roberts in the hit series The O.C. The 29 year old is also famous for her absolutely stylish fashion choices and being the fiancée of Hollywood heartthrob Hayden Christensen, her leading man in the action/sci-fi film Jumper.
Even now that her TV series has been off the air for quite a couple of years already, Hollywood still can’t help but take notice of Rachel Bilson for her svelte figure. So we had to ask, what is Rachel Bilson’s diet plan and fitness exercise program that gives her such an amazing figure?

Rachel Bilson Says No to Rapid Weight Loss Diet Plans

Yes, you read that right! Rachel Bilson is one of those Hollywood starlets who refuse to give in to the high weight loss demands of Hollywood. She doesn’t do rapid weight loss diet plans ever! In fact, the former OC star has a healthy relationship with food. “When I’m hungry, I eat like a monster!” she claims. “I get so grumpy if I don’t eat. I always have things in my purse, especially candy. I love candy. But I’ll also have granola bars. I’ll be at a party and I’ll have an apple in my bag or cookies or crackers.”

Rachel Bilson also likes to cook, “I’m getting more and more into it and I’m buying more cookbooks. I make breaded chicken. We had a dinner party and I made chicken tacos and homemade guacamole and all that for everybody, which is fun. I like cooking for people. I’m thinking of more meals to make. My mom got me a Rachael Ray cookbook. I’m not really ready for the whole gourmet 20-hour marinating. So I start out easy. I’m working my way up there.”

Rachel Bilson credits her amazing shape to David Kirsch’s weight loss diet plan which is a weight loss diet plan followed by a lot of other celebrities as well. The David Kirsch’s weight loss diet plan was invented by a man named David Kirsch whose expertise draws from his diverse fitness training background to combine his knowledge of fitness exercise, good health and spiritual wellness in his approach to fitness exercise and nutrition. He’s a staunch advocate of mind-body conditioning exercises, teaching clients like Liv Tyler, Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum among many others.
Under the David Kirsch weight loss diet plan, Rachel practices his weight loss diet philosophy which he calls the ABCDEF diet plan. This is an acronym for the foods that one should avoid while on the Kirsch weight loss diet plan: alcohol, bread, starchy carbs, dairy, extra sweets, fruits and most fats.

Rachel Bilson’s Fitness Exercise Program

Aside from following David Kirsch’s weight loss diet plan, Rachel Bilson also follows David Kirsch’s fitness exercise program. David’s fitness training exercise program involves cardio exercises, a lot on lunge exercises, squat exercises, and resistance exercises using exercise equipment like light weights, (5 lbs is the heaviest) and doing high repetitions.
A lot of Rachel Bilson’s fans say they find the actress has gorgeous toned legs. The fitness training exercise you should do to get Rachel Bilson’s legs? Aerobic exercises and strength focused fitness training exercises.
Aside from these, Rachel Bilson also does other fitness exercises on her own. It would not be hard for her to maintain her hot physique because this young actress admits that she loves to exercise. In fact, she does her fitness exercise program five times a week along with some outdoor cardio exercises that she personally loves such as biking, rock climbing, hiking and so much more.

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