Missy Elliot Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Missy Elliot Fast Fat Loss

Missy Elliot Diet and Exercise

Missy Elliot Celebrity Diet and Workout. Her fitness and diet routine keeps her healthy and fit. Missy was once a lot heavier than she is nowadays. She lost the weight for health reason, and now she has more energy than she did before, and she looks awesome, Check out Missy’s weight loss secrets below.

Missy Elliot Diet

Missy Elliot did tiny Mini Meals all day to increase her metabolism, and made some substitutions for healthy choices like brown rice instead of white rice. Portion Control and Low-fat.

Missy Elliot Exercise

Missy lost 71 pounds by going to the gym working out on the Stairmaster, Stepmaster, doing spin classes, dancing, light weights. Personal trainer Mark Jenkins.


“I was very disturbed to find that a few people were angry at my weight loss.” “To all my fans who are upset about this, I still represent for overweight adults and kids but I am also now painfully and personally aware of the health issues. Many of you know, and for those who don’t, that I was diagnosed with hypertension. This very serious condition can lead to strokes and heart-attacks and very often death. It has made me seriously ill in the past and my mother was also hospitalized after a heart attack a few years ago resulting from high blood pressure”.

“I have always been a big girl myself and I always took pride in the fact that I never had to change my body to be considered beautiful or successful. I think I have always represented pride in yourself no matter what size you are.”

“I lost 71 pounds. I decided to lose it because I have high blood pressure. [My doctor] took my blood pressure. Actually, he took it three times — he couldn’t believe how high it was. He was like: ‘We have to get you with a nutritionist, because we would hate for you to have a stroke.’ Basically, I was eating a lot of fast food, especially McDonald’s. I always ordered the No. 1 — the Big Mac meal, with a hot fudge sundae! I cut that out and started going to the gym a lot. I did a lot of Stairmaster, Stepmaster, spin classes, dance, weights — everything.”

“Being slim, you become more confident, and you put on those jeans you didn’t look right in. At a restaurant, I’ll eat, and when I feel like I’m full, I’ll pour my drink and salt and pepper and hot sauces on my food and smash it all together so I won’t want to eat anymore. I still have my treats. I have to have peanut M&Ms. From time to time, I’ll sneak a fry or two … or three.”