Leah Remini Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Leah Remini Weight Loss

Leah Remini Diet and Exercise

Leah Remini Celebrity Diet and Workout.  Her food and fitness routine has helped this “King of Queens” star lose the 80 pounds that she gained while she was pregnant with her daughter Sofia. Leah eats healthy and works out to keep her energy up. Want to know how she did it? Check it out below.

Leah Remini Diet

Leah has said she would eat an entire box of mac and cheese at once, and make regular trips to KFC and McDonald’s. Leah now uses the “First Personal Diet.” This diet was designed by Dr. Cohen a former cardiologist. There is no calorie counting, and no exotic food is necessary. Dr. Cohen assesses, each patient individually and plans an eating program accordingly so each client can lose weight fast and effectively.

Leah Remini Exercise

Leah works out with a personal trainer 5 days a week.