Kelly Ripa Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Kelly Ripa’s Fit and Healthy Regimen

Kelly Ripa Diet and Exercise

Her routine has been revived as of 2006 and 2007. Kelly took a long break from working out. But in 2007 she quit smoking and got back into it. Now she looks great, and toned. Want to know how she did it? Check out her body sliming tips below.

Kelly Ripa’s Diet

Kelly Ripa uses portion control and a low carbohydrate diet to stay slim. She also isn’t a fan of breakfast.

Kelly Ripa’s Exercise

Kelly’s daily workout is Squat and rotational row, Rotational lunge, One-legged hip lift, Push-up with rotation, Inchworm and push-up, core training, 20 minute cardio: alternate jumping rope with 30 seconds of jumping jacks for 20 minutes cardio. A lot of exercises with the medicine ball too. See videos below 🙂


Highlights Interview “Shape Magazine” 2007

“It wasn’t easy (exercising 5 days a week), in fact, I almost gave up in the beginning. But after a couple of weeks someone told me how great my arms looked! I’m so vain, that’s all it took. I was hooked.”

Kelly is not big on breakfast. Instead she always begins her day with coffee at home and then a cup of Starbucks regular coffee with half and half during the show. Her first meal of the day is at 10 a.m. – usually a salad and a small turkey sandwich or a BLT (with turkey bacon) on whole-wheat bread. Her afternoon snack is a handful of almonds and a pear. For dinner she eats salads and fresh veggies with smaller servings of fish or steak.

The family chef has also helped Kelly realize how easy home cooking can be…she even has signature dish. “It’s Jamie Oliver’s minestrone soup,” she says. “But instead of pasta, I use chickpeas for extra protein. The kids think it looks like a tiger because of the purple cabbage and carrots. It’s delicious. I like it because it’s really easy.”

Kelly Ripa’s Quotes

“If I can begin an exercise program after such a huge break (10 years), anyone can.” 2007