Kelly Ripa’s Healthy Weight Loss Program

Kelly Ripa’s Fit and Healthy Lifestyle

She’s 40 years old but still in amazingly beautiful with an incredibly hot body to go with it. Hard to believe that Kelly Ripa of the Live with Regis and Kelly show is actually a mother to three kids already! It’s no surprise that people want to know what kind of diet plan she’s following and the fitness training exercise programs she’s doing to get in such an amazing physique.

Kelly Ripa’s Diet Plan: Portion Control

Joining the ranks of some other famous Hollywood celebrities who say “No to go crazy weight loss diet plans! No to intake of diet supplements to induce a quick weight loss!” Ripa reveals that although she doesn’t do diets, she does like to watch what she eats, otherwise known as the “Portion Control” diet plan.
This well-known TV celebrity breaks the cardinal rule of weight loss diets and skips breakfast. Instead, she starts her day eating during the mid-morning. Until then, coffee gets her through. Otherwise, her diet plan consists of grazing with small healthy meals and snacks throughout the day. A family chef had given her some weight loss help, by getting her educated about nutrition and portion control.
The forty-something host says she’s gotten even more conscientious about her diet and overall fitness. Her “Portion Control” diet plan is her key to weight loss, enabling her to stay slim. She says she enjoys eating weight loss foods such as fruit, nuts and yogurt as snacks. “I’ll have an apple or carrot sticks in my purse so I’m not reaching for potato chips.”

When asked whether her weight loss diet plan involved changing her eating habits, Kelly said that her family has always been healthy eaters, mostly to keep their cholesterol levels down.  She also said that it was her father’s heart surgery that that convinced her to get her cholesterol checked. “I found out my number was 151 and the doctors told, ‘Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it, because your cholesterol is low. And that’s basically what has encouraged me to stay with a healthy weight loss diet plan, continue eating leafy greens and cut back on saturated fat.”  The star believes it’s better to maintain what’s good now than try to fix what’s gone wrong later.

Kelly Ripa’s Fitness Training Exercise Program: Physique 57

Kelly credits her ripped abs and taut figure to her Physique 57 fitness training exercise program.  “I’m totally hooked on this sculpting fitness training exercise class I discovered at a New York city gym, Physique 57,” Ripa told Fitness. “It has transformed my body in ways I never thought possible.”
Physique 57 is a group muscle sculpting fitness training exercise class that combines Pilates exercises, ballet exercises and calisthenics. This fitness training exercise program is an hour long series of fast-paced and intense exercises that combine upper-body strength-fitness training with exercise equipments such as dumbbells and isometric exercises. Physique 57 fitness sessions are fast-paced so there’s little down time between exercises.
“I saw a difference physically within five classes,” said Ripa, who does the Physique 57 fitness exercise at least four times a week. “I’m a short person, but I’m becoming longer and leaner. The class exercises your glutes, your abs, and your obliques. It’s all about building muscles then stretching it out. I’ve never been addicted to something like this!” Her fitness training exercise program also involves spending time with her personal fitness trainer, Keith Byard, an ex Marine. For the cardio exercise haters out there, she stresses that any fitness training exercise program must include cardio exercises. Ripa’s cardio exercise consists of running three to five miles five days a week, claiming that the knowledge that you might be photographed every six months in a bikini is enough to motivate her. “I rarely take a day off. But I do believe that any fitness training exercise program should also be done in moderation,” she told Us magazine.
But her commitment to health goes beyond doing crunch exercises and curls. She supports HEART for Women, a bill before Congress requesting funding for and education about gender-related aspects of cardiovascular health.