Kelly Brook Diet

Lose Weight with Kelly Brook

kelly brook diet and exercise

Kelly Brook Diet and Workout Her fitness routine keeps this 5 foot 6 inch actress in shape and healthy. Kelly isn’t fanatical about dieting and exercising. her diet and workout regiment gives her energy and makes her feel good about herself. Want to know how she looks so good and still eats? Find out what her body slimming secrets are below.

Kelly Brook Diet

Kelly Brook does the Macrobiotic Diet, but still loves cheeseburgers. “I’m a fan of macrobiotics because I love the idea of eating what’s growing in your surroundings – seasonal, organic and whatnot. “(But) I really love cheeseburgers – that’s my biggest weakness.”

Kelly Brook Exercise

Unknown, however Kelly Brook says lots of exercise in the bedroom helps her stay in shape.

Kelly Brook Quotes

“I’m just glad the guys don’t go for skinny girls with Hollywood size 0 figures. When I was modeling, agents would take one look at me and say: I you lost a few pounds and looked more like a boy, we could do something for you.”

“I’ve never been on a crash diet or gone binge drinking and I’ve never taken drugs. All the make-up teams on film sets tell me that the best thing for the skin is lots of sleep and water and not to put too many chemicals in your hair. My big treat is having a massage.”