Jessica Simpson New Weight Loss And Exercise Program

Jessica Simpson’s New Weight Loss Program: A Detox Diet Plan Coupled with a Fitness Exercise Program

Jessica Simpson On A Detox Diet Plan

Jessica Ann Simpson is an American singer, actress, television personality and fashion designer whose rise to fame began in 1999. Since that time, Simpson has achieved many recording milestones, starred in several television shows, movies, and commercials, launched a line of hair and beauty products, and designed fragrances, shoes, and handbags for women. She has devoted time to philanthropic efforts including Operation Smile and a USO-hosted tour for troops stationed overseas.

Jessica’s Weight Loss Diet Plan  

Jessica is getting ready to undergo another weight loss program so that she can finally lose weight which she has gained over the past few years by following a new detox vegan diet plan to achieve a quick weight loss.

Jessica said that she has “shocked” her system with a new weight loss diet plan that includes a weight loss tea. She began her healthy weight loss program by flying to meet with master healer Ming Yi Wang in Los Angeles who recommended that in the morning Jessica begin her day with a mug of hot water and then drink a weight loss tea called Pu-erh tea throughout the day which is great for expelling toxins from the body. This isn’t any tea you can find at your local Whole Foods – it costs a whopping $1,500 for 8 ounces.


The singer proudly tweeted about her new weight loss plan, that she is now drinking Chinese Pu-erh tea – which is widely sold as a weight loss drink – and changing her diet plan to vegan as well as regularly cupping.


“Just so everyone is clear .. this has NOTHING to do with just weight loss!,” she tweeted. “It is about understanding my body through hydration and alkalinty…”


Cupping is the ancient Chinese healing practice of placing heated glass suction cups on the skin in order to “suck out” the body’s toxins.


“Has anyone ever tried cupping?” Simpson tweeted. “When u know you are doing something good for ur body the meditation creates intense visions. Love it!”


In addition to her new healthy weight loss program, Jess also sticks to a vegan weight loss diet plan, eating only plant-based foods and avoiding onion and garlic in her diet plan which are thought to be “bad energy” foods by the master healer. The 29-year-old is also trying to give up all meat, poultry, fish and animal products – including milk, eggs, cheese and honey as part of new vegan weight loss diet plan.

To stay in a great shape and to keep her skin healthy and young, Jessica also avoids any junk food from her diet plan, bread, and desserts. Some of her favorite foods are asparagus, broccoli, seared fish, and grilled chicken. Simpson also likes the iced tea, but without sugar.

Jessica’s Fitness Exercise Program

Aside from flushing out the fat with a vegan weight loss diet plan, Jess is undergoing a new fitness exercise program regimen. She hits the gym for 45 minutes three to five times a week as part of her fitness exercise program. Jess’s fitness trainer (who also helped her with her fitness exercise program to get in shape for her role as Daisy Duke) has her doing resistance fitness training exercises and uses her own body weight to strengthen and tone without bulking up.

She hired the professional fitness trainer Mike Alexander who has helped many other celebrities with their own fitness training exercise program. He helps Simpson to stay on her fitness and weight loss track, with her weight loss diet plan, and to be motivated. Her fitness exercise program includes: 1 hour weight fitness training exercises and 30 minutes of aerobics exercise. Some of the most important weight fitness exercises she does are squat exercises and lunge exercises. They help her to strengthen and tone the buttocks and thighs. For these fitness exercises she uses only exercise equipment like light weights, because her target is the muscular endurance. Here’s her full fitness exercise program routine:


Jessica’s Fitness Exercise Program Tip#1

Warming the legs up with 8 minutes running on the treadmill exercise equipment at 6.5 mph.
Squat exercises – 2 sets, 25 reps
Reverse Lunge exercises – 3 sets, 12 reps
Squat Jump exercises
Biceps Curl exercises – 1 set, 18 reps

Jessica’s Fitness Exercise Program Tip#2

Lateral Raise Exercises – 3 sets, 18 reps
Triceps Extensions with Dumbbell exercise equipment – 2-3 sets, 20 reps
8 minutes of cardio exercise running on the treadmill exercise equipment at 6.5 mph

Jessica’s Fitness Exercise Program Tip#3

Incline Crunch exercises – 1 set, 20 reps
Prone Kneeling Leg Extension exercises – 2-3 sets, 18 reps
7 minutes gentle jogging on the treadmill exercise equipment to cool down
Forward Lunge exercises – 2-3 sets, 20 reps

Jessica’s Fitness Exercise Program Tip#4

Walking Lunges (walk across the room holding a pair of dumbbell exercise equipment)




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