Jenny Mccarthy Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss and Diet Secrets from Jenny Mccarthy

Her program keeps her fit and firm. Jenny has a body which is envied by many. She always maintains the same weight year after year, want to know how she does it? Keep reading to find out.

Jenny Mccarthy Diet and Exercise

Jenny Mccarthy’s Diet

Jenny McCarthy used Weight Watchers to drop her post baby weight. Accordin

g to US weekly, an example of what she eats is Watermelon for breakfast, Tuna salad for lunch and a 3 ounce steak for dinner. Very Low calorie and Low carbohydrate.

Jenny Mccarthy’s Exercise

Jenny is not big into working out, does Billy Blank TAE BO and has done Barry’s Bootcamp . She will also jog for cardio too.

Jenny Mccarthy’s Quotes

“My mom talked about Weight Watchers, which I thought was such a Midwestern diet. But she lost 40 pounds in a few months – and still ate pizza! So when she came to visit, I decided to try it. I signed up, I went to meetings and in six months, I lost all the baby weight. I still use the method”