Jennifer Connelly Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss

Jennifer Connelly’s Healthy Lifestyle

Jennifer Connelly has been acting since she was a little girl.  Now she is a well established, and Oscar award winning actress.  Jennifer is also one of the faces of Revlon.  Jennifer has participated in Revlon’s Walk/ Run in previous years, but now she is an actual spokesperson.  “I am honoured to be joining the Revlon family. Revlon is one of the great iconic brands of today and I am thrilled to be part of a company that has done so much for women around the world.”  Want to know how Jennifer stays so thin, and what her fitness secrets are?  I thought so.  Keep reading.

Jennifer Connelly’s Diet

Jennifer was a vegan for years until she became pregnant.  “I’d been vegan for many years, and then all of a sudden, when I was pregnant with Kai, I wanted a turkey burger. That was the end of my being vegan.”  Jennifer says that she eats sushi three times a week.  She eats a very light dinner such as a salad.  Jennifer eats a low calorie diet, not because she doesn’t like food but because she says  “I just put on weight!”

Jennifer Connelly and Apples

Jennifer loves Pink Lady apples.  It almost sounds like an obsession.  “I eat an absurd amount of apples.” “Three a day. I eat so many apples, it’s stupid.”

Jennifer Connelly’s Workout

Although Jennifer says her main workout is “Running after my kids!”  We knew there had to be more to it.   While at Stanford Jennifer became a teenage athlete. She began to run obsessively as she used to study. “I am obsessive-compulsive and a perfectionist.”  “I don’t say it with pride. My nickname on the cross-country team at Stanford was ‘Death Grip’ because I was so slow. Basically, I was the team mascot.”  Nowadays Jennifer runs for “six to 10 miles on trails through the woods at our place up in the country.”  Jennifer also practices yoga which she says makes her feel “integrated.” “I get myself into some weird contortion poses in my trailer.”  “This might sound geeky, is practice yoga in my trailer. I don’t want to do something that’s incredibly distracting that takes me away from my character, but I also don’t want to sit there and ruminate on what I’m doing, because then I’m just in my head. I find that doing yoga for however long my break is, even if it’s 30 minutes, helps me to stay open and present.”

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