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The Downloadable book is called “The Natural Cellulite Solution” and we love it! We had so many people emailing us about it, we checked it out, and just had to tell you about it! The book is available on ifoundthecure.com, it was written by a naturopathic counselor, who has devised a easy to follow plan that will get rid of cellulite, and it works!

The author says that if you want to cure cellulite you have to “work from the inside out, and the outside in.” All of us women on the staff here at HCLW have used the natural remedies from the book, and saw amazing results!

I have included a few of the Tips from the ebook below. Of course I can’t give all of the ancient secrets away, but here are a few of the remedies.



1) Don’t Do Too Much Tanning

“Tanning, and specifically UV rays have been proven to contribute to cellulite. So keep your sunbathing to a minimum.”


2) Essential Oils

“Apply essential oils to the affected areas. Such as; Peppermint Oil, Juniper Berry Oil, Rosemary Oil, or Thyme Oil. Theses oils stimulates circulation and get the blood moving in those areas ridden with cellulite.”


3) Take a Seaweed Bath

“Soaking in a Seaweed bath for at least ten minutes will help to firm cellulite areas, and also to release toxins.”


Below is an excerpt from the author.

“I had been struggling for years with cellulite. I didn’t want to go to the beach, wear shorts, or even be intimate. But, after working as a naturopathic counselor for years, and studying with my mentors who specialize in Natural Medicine for women, I found the cure to cellulite!I learned why we have cellulite.. and guess what, it starts on the inside. I applied the natural remedies myself, and I was shocked to find that my cellulite was diminished after the first day of treatment! The Ancient secrets that I reveal in this ebook have been used for centuries by millions of women all over the world. Herbs, Vitamins, Foods, Supplements, and Techniques that work to eliminate cellulite! The best part was, I found all the Natural Remedies at my local health store, and online.After sharing these Natural Remedies with all of my girlfriends, and all of them seeing results that I had to write an ebook to share the solution with every women I can.”


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