Gabrielle Anwar Reveals Her Weight Loss Program

Gabrielle Anwar Shares Fitness Tips

Gabrielle Anwar is an English actress born in February 4, 1970. She is best known for her role as Margaret Tudor on The Tudors as well as for her role as Fiona Glenanne on the hit series Burn Notice.
At 40, Gabrielle’s body can give any twenty something year old actresses’ insecurity because she is in great shape! So what is the actress’ weight loss secret? What kind of weight loss diet plan does she keep? And what kind of fitness exercise program does she do to have such a great shape?

Gabrielle’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

And when asked about her weight loss diet plan, the 40-year-old mother of three prefers organic and Ayurvedic meals in her weight loss diet plan (and composts the leftovers) and takes herbs.
“My healthy weight loss diet plan is according to Ayurvedic [India’s 5,000-year-old system of traditional medicine] principles. I love incorporating Ayurveda’s six tastes–bitter, sweet, sour, salty, pungent, and astringent–into one simple, satisfying meal in my diet plan. When I feed myself one dish with all these flavors, I am fulfilled. My favorite Ayurvedic meal is khichdi [a lentil and rice dish]–it makes me feel nourished and warm.
And when she travels on the road, she says she manages to stick to her healthy weight loss diet plan by looking for local health food restaurants and she also carries dried seaweed with her. “It’s the perfect plane snack–it’s nourishing and surprisingly filling, and it’s salty, so I drink a lot of water, which keeps me hydrated,” the actress said about her weight loss diet plan.
But her one food weakness is Belgian chocolate.  For more information on healthy diet go to

Gabrielle’s Fitness Exercise Program

Gabrille Anwar confesses that it is her fitness exercise program that is the secret to her great body. She said that when she was a child, she had dance fitness training and this helped her do the tango with her co-star Al Pacino in Woman. Now Anwar credits her yoga fitness exercise program for her amazing weight loss, stripping her off of all unnecessary fat so she can play an ex-IRA operative on USA’s Burn Notice.
The actress professes her love for yoga exercise because it feels like her every muscle is being toned from the moment one spread their toes on that mat.
“My fitness exercise and weight loss goal is not to target the area that might be less toned than another, my fitness exercise and weight loss goal is to feel that during each pose, I bring awareness into each muscle, each space around each muscle, each joint, each space around each joint, and so on and so on, so that I do not neglect a single part of my whole.”
Her character Fiona in Burn Notice walks around in a bikini a lot and the actress says that any confidence Fiona has is due to the character she has become. It is relatively easy to look decent when you have a talented makeup artist, hairstylist, custom-fitted costumes and director of photography working with imperfections to create “beauty.”
“My own personal confidence comes from my inner world. My external self is entirely dependent on that. When I do my fitness exercise program, it is gentle and nourishing. There is no battle with my bulge. There is no battle.”
Unlike many actresses, she actually does her own stunts. She says that she actually likes the adrenaline rush brought on by doing her own stunts. “If I do feel intuitively that it’s not my place, that it’s way beyond my means, I’ll willingly back down and hand the baton over to a woman who knows what she’s doing.”

On describing her fitness exercise program further, the actress says that although she does a lot of yoga, although exercise is not her friend.
“I don’t like any fitness exercise program at all. A fitness exercise program takes a tremendous amount of willpower to move my body in any shape or form. There’s a fitness exercise class that I take in Los Angeles that’s been very inspiring because it involves loud music that’s a lot of fabulous tempo and rhythm—and Mary J. Blige singing, “Get off your butt,” basically. I like that sort of nightclub feel without the cigarette smoke, the alcohol and the lurid looks. If I can do that and tighten my buttocks at the same time, I’m a happy camper,” she said describing her preferred type of fitness exercise program and weight loss plan.