Fergie Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Fergie Weight and Fitness Routine

Fergie Diet and Exercise Fergie Celebrity Diet and Workout. She follows a no nonsense and effective. Stacy Fergusons aka Fergie is a pop, hip hop, and R&B singer, songwriter, and actress. Fergie is a former member of the kids’ television series Kids Incorporated, and the girl group Wild Orchid. She was featured on Maxim’s Hot 100 Women of 2006, and voted in at position #36. In 2007, she was voted at #10. So what are her body slimming secrets? Keep reading.

Fergie’s Diet

Fergie eats a low carbohydrate and low fat diet. She believes in eating everything in moderation. She eats turkey burgers, Boca burgers, chicken, fish, but still likes to have pizza.

Fergie’s Example Menu

  • Breakfast – Fergie begins her day with a protein-packed six-egg-white veggie omelet, seasoned with salsa or hot sauce. A smart start on the go? Pack two slices of 100-percent whole-grain toast with 2 tablespoons of low-fat peanut butter.
  • Snack – Top 4 ounces of low-fat or no-fat plain organic yogurt with 2 tablespoons of low-sugar granola (such as Bear Naked). “It’s low in sugar and has protein,” says Wiatt, who suggests pairing it with a bowl of fiber-filled berries. (Cottage cheese makes a great yogurt alternative.)There’s more, including lunch and dinner ideas, so
  • Lunch – A Fergie fave? Mixed greens, a quarter of an avocado (for healthy fat), 4 ounces of shredded chicken (for protein) and half an antioxidant-rich grapefruit, all tossed with a nonfat dressing. (The same ingredients can be rolled into a 100-percent whole-grain tortilla!)
  • Snack – Fergie’s go-to munchie? Light organic cheese (like a mozzarella stick or 1 ounce of Jarlsberg Lite) and rice crackers with flaxseed. (You can eat eight!) She never goes anywhere without first tucking fiber-filled Kashi bars into her purse.
  • Pre-Dinner – Wiatt whips up a pureed vegetable soup — sans cream. At only 50 calories per cup, the small indulgence is super filling. Other lite treats? Carrots dipped in 2 tablespoons of hummus, a cup of air-popped popcorn or almonds!
  • Dinner – Fergie eats salmon (rich in Omega-3’s, which make hair and skin shiny and prevent bloating) and half a cup of whole-wheat couscous. She piles on 2 cups of veggies and adds 2 tablespoons of chili sauce or honey Dijon mustard for flavor. (Grilled balsamic chicken, brown rice and a side of sautéed spinach is another great dinner option.) (source: Life & Style)

Fergie’s Exercise

Fergie works out all the time. She does the Basic Ab Workouts for Dummies and a routine of jogging, hiking, stairclimbing, sit-ups, dancing and resistance training with bands.

Fergie Interview

Q: Do you have a trainer?

A: No. When I have someone telling me what to do, I tend to rebel against

Q: Is it tough to stay in shape while touring?

A: Actually, it’s easier, because I’m forced to work out-whether I want to or not–when we do our set every night.


“If I feel worn out, I might have a sugar-free Red Bull. Those always bet me going.”

“I eat low-fat and low-carb, but I can’t cut carbs out completely. I like them too much. For me, it’s all in moderation. I eat turkey burgers, chicken fish. And Boca Burgers are great, hight and protein and low in carbs and fat.” “Pizza dipped in ranch or blue-cheese dressing” “A bagel with cottage cheese and tomatoes” is her #1 breakfast. “I heat it up, so the cheese melts a bit like a pizza.”

“Working out is really the top thing in my life that I do for my own self esteem and self-worth,” “When I’m exercising, I get really proud of myself because I know I’m doing everything in my power to be healthy.”