Eva Longoria and Her Celeb Diet Tips

Eva Longoria’s Celeb Diet Plan and Fitness Exercises Tips

Eva Longoria is an actress and an ex-model who’s claim to fame is being a hot housewife on TV in the hit show Desperate Housewives. This Texan with Mexican roots is pure glamour and seduction. And who hasn’t noticed her hot curves? She’s got an incredibly hot physical structure that women everywhere would be envious of. Without a doubt, you have a question burning in your mind: what is Eva’s secret? Is it just good genes? Does she perhaps follow a strict weight loss diet plan and a very rigorous fitness training exercise program? Considering she’s an A-list celebrity already, her schedule is surely packed so how can she possibly squeeze in anymore time to do any kind of fitness exercise? How does Eva do it?

Eva Longoria Talks Fitness Exercise Program


One of Eva’s staying sexy technique is hiring her own fitness trainer to guide her with all the fitness exercise programs. Patrick Murphy is her fitness trainer, her very own weight loss help who guides her for an hour of fitness training that they do three times a week. First, Eva does some warm up exercises for 10 minutes on the treadmill or on the bike exercise equipment and emphasizes on strength training.

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According to fitness trainer Patrick Murphy, each fitness exercise session that they do between twenty five and thirty total body fitness training with torso twist and one legged squat exercises with clean and press. For example thirty to forty five second rest in between. Patrick uses exercise equipment that test endurance while increasing strength and balance.

According to Eva Longoria, the result for these fitness exercise programs that she has been doing for the last couple of months such as lunges leg presses and squat exercises have been more visible to her behind. In fact she said that she developed an inch of muscle in her buttocks.

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In addition to these, Eva does simple cardio exercise by walking 45 minutes each day before breakfast. She also does yoga exercise and even rides a horse. Eva’s fitness exercise program started when she was still a kid – she played basketball, gymnastics, and cheerleading. Now that she is on her thirties, Eva still is athletic. Her evidence is her degree-kinesiology.

Eva Longoria Shares Her Celeb Diet Plan

 Of course every fitness exercise program has to be coupled up with a healthy weight loss diet plan to really get results. Eva’s diet plan consist of eating protein packed as well as hearty food for breakfast to sustain her strength after doing her fitness exercise at the gym. According to Eva, she is fond of eating egg whites just like her mom used to make for her when she was still a little girl.

Eva grew up on a ranch in Corpus Christ, Texas and she was able to learn the importance of living in a healthy way by eating nutritious foods such as vegetables and fresh fruits in her diet plan and also healthy cooking like Texas and Mexican specialties such as tortilla soup and tacos. Eva also mentioned that if she does not have time to prepare a meal, she still makes cucumber slices poured with squeezed fresh lemons which are one of her specialties.

Eva’s weight loss diet plan is based on consumption of whole meal aliments which set aside the saturated fats like sausages, cheeses, fat and butter. In addition to these, her weight loss diet plan eliminates carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, rice, chocolate and sweets which consumed in excess stimulates insulin secretion and increase the body fat.

 “I love the breast, the salads and the strawberry yogurts,”


Longoria is not obsessed with her healthy weight loss diet plan. Longoria says that the key to staying slim and fit is moderation and keeping her meal diet plan balance and healthy.

The actress also shared some of her weakness and cravings. Even though she follows a healthy weight loss diet plan, she indulges in sweets like chocolate chip cookies which is one of her ultimate weaknesses. She also said that she craves for pizza and it is one of her body’s major cravings. In fact, she eats pizza often – sometimes twice a week. How in the world can she afford to indulge in junk food and still look as gorgeous as she does? Well Eva proves it all wrong – the notion that a healthy weight loss diet plan means giving up on unhealthy stuff specifically junk food. Eva is able to give in to her cravings, cheat off her diet plan and still look amazing simply by engaging in a fitness exercise program.