Diane Sawyer’s Weight Loss Program

Diane Sawyer’s Weight Loss Plan with Fitness Trainer Jim Karas

Diane Sawyer’s Weight Loss Plan

Diane Sawyer is the current anchor of ABC News’ flagship program, ABC World News. Previously, Sawyer had been co-anchor of ABC News‘s morning news program, Good Morning America (GMA). And during one of her shows in Good Morning America where they invited fitness trainer, Jim Karas, he was brave enough to tell Diane Sawyer that she could stand to lose weight.

“When he came into the studio, he basically said, `You don’t want to look like that, do you?'” she laughed, recalling the day fitness trainer Kara told her she needed to lose weight. “Nobody exactly talks to me that way around here.”

Fitness trainer Karas is the man who coached participants in Good Morning America’s “Lock the Door, Lose Weight” series and he estimated that Sawyer was about 20 pounds overweight and could benefit from undergoing a healthy weight loss plan.

Sawyer admits that she was about 10 pounds heavier when she first started anchoring GMA in January 1999. And because she was unable to stick to a healthy weight loss diet plan or fitness exercise program, she gained 15 pounds in the two years that followed and was beginning to get worried about her health before fitness trainer Karas made his remarks.

Fitness Trainer and ‘Life Coach’

In the past three months of Sawyer’s healthy weight loss plan with fitness trainer Karas, she has achieved a weight loss of more than 20 pounds! She calls him not just a fitness trainer, but a “life coach,” who helps people change the story they tell about their lives.

In his new book, Karas debunks many common myths about weight loss and fitness exercise that he believes keeps people from getting themselves healthy and trim.

Ultimately, Sawyer’s fitness trainer says, you’ve got to flip a switch” and resolve once and for all to change your life. Fitness trainer Karas who is famous for charging his clients $10,000 to move in with them for a week and change their lives actually owns Solo Sessions, a top weight loss program management firm in Chicago.


Karas’ Healthy Weight Loss Tips: Have A ‘Business Model’ for Weight Loss


He says that people should draw up a “business model” and crunch the numbers to lose weight.

First off, they need to understand their own metabolism and determine how many calories their body really needs to be healthy. People who want to lose weight must either consume fewer calories or increase their metabolic rate through a fitness exercise program to lose weight.

To become more calorie-conscious, Kara recommends learning to visualize the proper body proportions and recognize the importance of not overeating.

Karas, Diane Sawyer’s fitness trainer and author of the book  ”Flip the Switch: Discover the Weight Loss Solution and the Secret of Getting Started”, does fitness training exercises with his clients with the help of exercise equipment such as  the inflated rubber balls, free weights and resistance bands.

Diane Sawyer Exercises

“He prescribes two to three fitness training exercise sessions of 20 minutes each a week, with five minutes of cardio exercise to warm up,” said the New York Times of his resistance-cardio exercise program. According to Karas, all one needs to shape up is two to three sessions of 20 minutes each a week, with five minutes of cardio exercise to warm up.


Sawyer first started her weight loss program with Karas when she was close to 160 pounds. She made a pledge to herself and to her viewers to “get in shape”.


With the weight loss help and weight loss expertise of fitness trainer Karas, Sawyer achieved a weight loss of more than 20 on his healthy weight loss plan, according to Extra.


The first thing he told her to do? “Toss out your treadmill exercise equipment. Just throw it out!”

Sawyer started her healthy weight loss program by cutting back calories consumed on a daily basis in her diet plan and focused more on resistance fitness training exercises and devoting less to traditional cardio exercises – Usually a 5-minute cardio exercise warm-up.

Karas told Extra, “If you build muscle and increase strength, you’re going to build up your body and boost your metabolism 24 hours a day.”

Diane Sawyer credits the fitness exercise program for giving her the energy it takes to wake up at 3AM every day and told Extra of her weight loss results through a fitness exercise program, “I lost three inches on my arms in just a few months.”



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