Demi Moore Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

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Demi Moore Diet and Exercise Demi Moore Celebrity Diet and Workout Routine has kept this 5 ft 5 Inch star in amazing shape for decades. Demi has been in the business for literally decades, and she is no stranger to dieting, and working out to keep fit. In her early forties Demi wanted to start setting a better example for her three daughters and teach them to love their bodies, so she changed some of her diet and weight philosophies. Want to know what she does now? Keep reading.

Demi Moore Diet

Demi Moore used to use the Zone Diet.  Now is rumored to be using the Raw Food diet, which usually is a completely vegetarian diet, including no dairy, and no food is cooked above 118 degrees. For Charlies Angels she used the Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet to drop a full dress size. “It’s packed with tasty, low-calorie meals for people like me who crave starches and sweets.” Demi has said that she stopped dieting all together to set a better example for her daughters.

Demi Moore Exercise

Demi is into yoga, pilates, and cardio. For Charlie’s Angels she hired a nutritionist, a fitness trainer, a yoga instructor and a kickboxing coach. For the movie “G.I. Jane” she followed the Navy SEAL training, obstacle-course training, running, swimming and hundreds of push-ups, sit-ups and squats. Demi Moore for the movie “Striptease” worked with Gregory Joujon-Roche Owner of Holistic Fitness These days she is not into exercising as much and is eating healthy. It has also been reported that Demi Moore uses herbal teas and vitamins to help boost her energy and keeping her alert.

Demi Moore Quotes

“I want them (her daughters) to know that being thin does not equate to happiness.”