Courteney Cox Shares Her Workout Routine and Dieting With Us!

How Courteney Cox Stays a Hot Cougar: A Look at Her Dieting and Workout Routine

5 feet 5 inches Courteney Cox needs no introductions. The beautiful actress who rose to fame as Monica in the hit series “Friends” and star of “Cougar Town” has kept her already enviable shape more enviable. Who would think that this hot mama is almost reaching the big 5-0?

With such a hot body at her age, a lot of women definitely want to know what is Courteney Cox’s weight loss diet plan secret? What kind of fitness exercise program does she do to have such a toned body?

Dieting Plan of a Cougar

“I like eating green.” Courteney shares. “I’m food’s biggest fan! Thankfully, I happen to have a healthy weight loss diet plan.”

Courteney Cox’s diet plan is known to be complex since her weight loss plan is a combination of the Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type diet plan and Atkins diet plan.

The Eat right 4 Your Blood Type weight loss diet plan is based on a research that people lose weight faster when tailoring their diet plan to their specific blood type. It claims that one food good for a specific blood type may be dangerous to another blood type.

Talking to New Beauty magazine, Courteney reveals that she also follows a light diet plan. She skips breakfast and has a coffee instead, chicken salad for lunch and meat and vegetables for her dinner diet plan.

However, she’s not always a complete weight loss diet angel… “I do cheat on my diet plan, on occasion, with pasta or bread and butter,” she told the magazine. “And I do eat a lot of cheese and nuts, which is probably not the best idea.”

Courteney Cox’s Workout Routine

To keep her slim and fit, Courteney Cox’s workout routine program includes cardio exercise, weight fitness training, running, hiking and Pilates exercise.

She also includes Budokon to her exercise program, a fitness routine combining yoga exercise and meditation to create balance and permanent change in the entire body system.

“Jennifer (Aniston) and I enjoy it.” She shares. “It’s fun, it’s stress busting.”

With her toned limbs and washboard stomach, you’d never believe that former Friends star Courteney Cox is three years shy of the big 50. Tracy Anderson, the fitness trainer to the stars reveals the Cougar star’s fitness exercise program.

The 47-year-old mum-of-one admitted that alongside Tracy’s gruelling fitness exercise program, which she does four times a week.

Although, with a body like hers and fitness trainer Tracy on speed dial, we can’t imagine that Courteney ‘cheats’ very often on her diet plan. Here are some of the fitness exercise programs that fitness trainer Tracy has Courteney doing:

Workout Routine #1: Squats

This exercise program is real simple to do, all you need to do is squat down. Simply sit back and down until your thighs are parallel to the floor and come back up. You can do this fitness exercise with or without weights. This is a great hamstring, butt, and thigh exercise program.

Workout Routine #2: One legged deadlift

Another great leg fitness exercise is the one legged deadlift. This exercise targets the hamstring and glutes more than the squat.

Workout Routine #3: Reverse lunges

Another exercise that Courteney does is the reverse lunge exercise.

Workout Routine #4: Superman

Courteney also does a superman exercise, which is great for the lower back.

Want more fitness training exercise tips that’ll get you a body like Courteney? Read on as her other fitness trainer, Michelle Lovitt shares some fitness exercise tips:


Melt away about 2 percent of body fat in two to three (very active) weeks doing the following fitness exercise tips:


Exercise Programs #1:

Interval fitness training five days a week for a half hour with a heart-rate monitor — working 80 percent of maximum heart rate during sprints and never dip-ping below 60 percent during “rest.”


Exercise Programs Tip #2:

Do all your resistance fitness training — squats, planks, sit-ups, reverse lunges — on a BOSU ball exercise equipment. “It forces you to use more muscle to keep stable,” fitness trainer Lovitt says. Alternate between 15 to 30 minutes of upper- and lower-body exercises every day.


Exercise Programs Tip #3:

Incorporate 5- to 10-pound hand weights into all lower-body exercises to maximize muscle use and boost calorie burn.


Exercise Programs #4:

Mix up your routine by playing a high-intensity sport at least once a week. Cox, for instance, hits the tennis courts on weekends.