Christina Aguilera’s Weight Loss Journey

Christina Aguilera’s Fitness and Weight Loss Regimen

Christina Aguilera Exercises Hard to Lose Weight

Christina Aguilera is looking so much better these days, rocking a sexy hot body while promoting her new movie Burlesque. What’s the reason for her amazing weight loss? Well her weight loss is because she does a lot of dancing in Burlesque which is a great fitness exercise program.
Christina Aguilera’s fitness trainer, Tee Sorge, told InTouch that in between all that dance time, the singer/actress also finds time to do weight fitness training as additional exercise activity in her already effective weight loss and fitness exercise program.

Christina Aguilera Does Fitness Exercise Program to Achieve Weight Loss

Christina Aguilera works very hard to keep her sculptural body. She has a fitness exercise program designed by her fitness trainer, Tee Sorge. The fitness exercise program includes 3 sessions per week during 50 minutes (preferably every 2 days).

Weight Loss Fitness Exercise Program of Christina Aguilera:

6 minutes of warm exercises: sequences of easy movements, increase heart rate and muscle preparation.
36 minutes of dance fitness exercise: progressive learning of the choreography with one objective: have fun while burning calories from your weight loss fitness exercise program.
8 minutes of cool down stretching exercise: gradual cool down, decreased heart rate. Muscle stretching exercises to improve flexibility and facilitate the recovery.
To achieve the best results from her weight loss fitness exercise program, Christina adds weight strapped to her ankles and wrists. In addition to this, she showers her legs with cold water after doing her weight loss fitness exercise program to emphasize the vascular benefit.
Fitness trainer Tee Sorge shares with us the secrets to Christina Aguilera’s sizzling hot body:

Treadmill Exercise Equipment Warmup

Christina starts her fitness exercise program with strength fitness training sessions with a 10-minute warmup exercise on the treadmill exercise equipment. “It’s a great way to get the blood pumping before lifting weights,” says Tee Sorge, Christina’s fitness trainer.

Backward Lunge Exercise With Bicep Curls

Fitness trainer Tee Sorge says bicep curls are a great way to exercise Christina’s upper body: “Christina does three sets of each fitness exercise and uses weights ranging from five to 15 pounds.” During your next fitness exercise session, change up a basic bicep curl fitness exercise and do 10 sets of this backward lunge fitness exercise with bicep curls.

Tricep Dip Exercises

Another favorite way fitness trainer Tee strengthens Christina’s upper body is by having the star do tricep dip exercises. Fitness trainer Tee says that Christina is strength fitness training two to five times a week because “she doesn’t lose her muscle mass or too much weight” due to her long days rehearsing for Burlesque.

Sit-Up Exercises

Christina’s favorite thing to do is exercise those abs. It’s no joke either — she’s doing 300 to 500 sit-up exercises a session!

Have a Weight Loss Diet Plan

Christina Aguilera made a great effort to lose weight, a total of 25 lbs in the first six months of her pregnancy but now she’s even more beautiful than ever! How does she get the motivation to lose weight? What’s her weight loss secret?

She hired a cooking chef to prepare her healthy weight loss foods. Aside from this, Christina Aguilera also has drastically reduced the consumption of fast foods from her diet plan to only once a week. She has a private chef who cooks healthy weight loss foods, a healthier version of all her favorite foods to help her lose weight and increase energy as well.

Say Goodbye to Whites from Your Diet Plan

Christina has always had a healthy diet plan, but she’s stepping it up a notch for her weight loss diet plan by cutting out white from her meals. No white rice, flours, or sugars. Fitness trainer Tee shares that Christina is sticking to whole grains and lean proteins, but gets one cheat day a week from her weight loss diet plan. For more information on healthy diet go to

She’s happy to be in shape, but she’s like the rest of us in dreading actually having to do any weight loss diet plans and fitness exercise programs:

“You know, it’s just about making the time for fitness exercise programs and I hate doing any kind of fitness exercise program,” she said. “No one hates doing fitness exercises more than me. I hate it with a passion, but I do my fitness exercise program because in the end, it makes you feel better. In the moment, it sucks and to get motivated to get on a treadmill exercise equipment and make time for it in your day. There’s just not enough hours in the day as it is, and as a mother it’s really hard, but just squeeze in some cardio exercise, some weights in your fitness exercise program.”
While she likes to be in shape, you won’t catch her getting too skinny:

“There’s certain assets I like to have,” she said. “So I don’t like getting too thin because I lose a little bit of booby.”