Celebrity Woody Harrelson Raw Vegan Diet Benefits

Woody Harrelson Healthy Living Woody Harrelson Celebrity Diet and Workout. He accredits his raw and vegan diet to increasing his energy, benefiting his health, and clearing his skin. He loves his raw vegan diet which includes raw beans, nuts, vegetables, and a lot more. Eating a raw vegan diet tends to give people a certain glow in their complexion, and their eyes looks much brighter, which is the case with Woody. Why is Woody Harrelson Vegan? When Woody was a teenager he had terrible skin problems, and no energy. Then his friend suggested that he give up dairy. “Three days later, […]

Woody Harrelson Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Woody Harrelson Is Very Fit Woody Harelson Celebrity Diet and Workout. His food and body philosophy keeps him in great shape. Woody diet is filled with fresh, and raw fruits and vegetables. He eats very healthy and stays active. Find out all of his body sculpting secrets below. Woody Harrelson Diet Woody Harrelson eats a seriously Raw Organic Vegan Diet. Woody Harrelson Exercise He is huge into Yoga and Surfing, which keeps him healthy, fit and lean. Surfing is a serious core workout. Tweet This Post