Celebrity Fitness, The 25 Fittest Guys in America

Who’s The Fittest Celebrity In America? Men’s Fitness July/ June 2008 issue featured twenty five of the fittest men in America, in their opinion. We couldn’t help but agree with most of them, including some Celebrities who are definitely very fit, and muscular.  Check out the 25 Fittest Men in America below. The Fittest Guy in America Tiger Woods was names the Fittest Man in America by Men’s Fitness Magazine 2008.  “Tiger Woods, 32 – The One
.”  Some of the reasons Men’s Fitness listed as naming Tiger Number 1 where: “Because he made us care about a sport we didn’t think was, well, a sport.
” “Because […]

Will Smith ‘I am Legend’ Weight Loss

Will Smith Weight Loss Routine Will Smith Celebrity Diet and Workout. He dropped twenty pounds for the film ‘I am Legend’ which hit theaters December 2007. Will has always taken care of his body, and takes pride in the way her looks. So how did he do it? Keep reading to find out all of Will’s weight loss secrets. Will Smith on Losing 20 Pounds: “For me, the important part of that, and what we determined from our research, is that eating becomes something you do because you have to. There is no pleasure, there is no desire to eat, […]

Will Smith Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Will Smith Fitness and Diet Will Smith Celebrity Diet and Workout. His fitness routine keeps this actor in great shape. Will eats a very healthy diet, and work out regularly. He takes good care of his body and isn’t afraid to work up a good sweat in the gym. Find out all of his body sculpting secrets below. Will Smith Diet Will Smith for the movie “iRobot” He ate a high-protein, high-carbohydrate. His usual diet is restricted and he eats Low Carbohydrate and No Junk Food. Will Smith Exercise To prepare for the movie “iRobot” Will worked out five days a week. […]