Usher’s Abs!

Usher Maintains a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle Usher is the man! He approaches everything he does the same way. It has to be perfect! His interview with Men’s Health magazine gives us an insight into his exercise routines but also in the way he lives. Read on to get all the details. Usher’s Philosophy Usher On . . . Work “Imagine working in a studio till 4 o’clock every morning. You sit on a couch and waste energy. You eat a million and one things. So we built a gym in the studio, where I go pump some iron with […]

Usher Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Usher’s Fitness and Weight Loss Usher Celebrity Diet and Workout. His food and workout program keeps this singer lean and toned. Usher takes very good care of his body. Looking good and feeling good are very important to him. He maintains a strict diet and works out consistently. Find out all of Usher’s body sculpting secrets. Usher’s Diet Usher’s diet consists mainly of chicken breast, fish, a moderate amount of carbohydrates (rice, pasta, potatoes) and lots of fruits and leafy veggies. Slightly Low Carbohydrate and Balanced. Usher’s Exercise Usher follows a strict cardio training regimen which he calls “forty minutes of funk”. […]