Tori Spelling, Baby Weight, Celebrity Diet, Workout, & Weight Loss

Tori Spelling Diet and Fitness Regimen Lose Fat Fast with Tori Spelling Tori Spelling has kept her figure very slender all the years she has been in the public eye. After having her son Tori slimmed down with Nutrisystem and exercise, but this time after having her second child a baby girl named Stella Doreen McDermott June 9 2008 via C section Tori wanted to do something different. The photo to the left is Tori’s new bikini body about six months post baby number two. We think she looks great! Want to know how Tori lost the baby weight? keep […]

Tori Spelling Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Loss Weight With Tori Spelling What workout and diet program helped her lose 40 pounds after the birth of her first child? Tori never struggled with her weight. She has always been very thin. Keep reading to find out how she stays in shape now, and how she lost her baby weight. Tori Spelling’s Diet Tori Spelling has been using the NutriSystem (in 2007) food-delivery program to lose the weight from her pregnancy in but usually maintains her physique easily. Tori Spelling’s Exercise Tori jogs to maintain her great figure. Tori Spelling’s Quotes Tori on her weight before her pregnancy – “I’ve been […]