Scarlett Johansson Defies Weight Loss Program Fads of Hollywood

Scarlett Johansson Does Her Own Weight Loss Program Scarlett Johansson is fast becoming one of Hollywood’s sexiest, hottest celebs. Not a lot is actually known about her, as Johansson does not discuss her personal life with the press. She prefers to stay private. She is not afraid to break the Hollywood stereotype either, as she has repeatedly criticized the media and Hollywood for promoting an image that causes unhealthy weight loss diets and eating disorders among women. When asked about how she stays in such great shape, she says that she relies on a healthy diet plan which means eating […]

Scarlett Johansson Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Scarlett Johansson’s Fit and Healthy Lifestyle What body philosophy keeps her in great shape? Scarlett has said that she won’t conform to Hollywood’s “size zero” standards, and that she cares about her body too much to harm it. Find out how what she does to stay in such great shape. Scarlett Johansson’s Diet Scarlett eats a healthy, balanced diet, and uses portion control to keep trim. Scarlett Johansson’s Exercise Scarlett isn’t a gym girl and likes walking for exercise. Scarlett Johansson’s Interview On keeping in shape:“I eat well and I walk a lot. I’m 21, so luckily I have youth on my side. […]