Natalie Portman’s Extreme Weight Loss Due to Film Black Swan

Natalie Portman Shares Weight Loss Program How Natalie Portman Lost Weight Natalie Portman’s acting career started out as the young girl (aged 12) that the hitman looks after in Leon (The Professional). Her career really started to fly when she won the role of Padmé Amidala in the new Star Wars films. She played an action role in V for Vendetta. Now for her new film, The Black Swan, she had to undergo a weight loss program which involved extreme fitness training exercise program to fit into the role of a ballerina. But embodying the role of a ballerina in […]

Natalie Portman Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Natalie Portman’s Fit and Healthy Lifestyle Her body philosophy keeps her trim and healthy and spares the lives of animals. Natalie eats healthy and has a healthy body image. Want to know what she does to look so great? Check it out below. Natalie Portman’s Diet Natalie is a long time Vegetarian, and uses portion control for weight management. Natalie Portman’s Exercise Natalie practices yoga to stay in shape. Tweet This Post