Zone in on Naomi Watts Healthy Weight Loss Program

Naomi Watts’ Fitness Regimen Naomi Ellen Watts is a British born, Australian actress who is known for her film roles in Mullholland Drive (2001), The Ring (2002) and 21 Grams (2003). She’s also starred in the remake of King Kong, Eastern Promises and most recently The International. She’s also a mom to two small children. But with a body like hers, who would have guessed? Naomi Watts on Her Different Weight Loss Diets She’s already in her 40s and is also a new mom to her second child but Naomi’ Watts’ body sure still looks really good! What’s her secret […]

Naomi Watts Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Baby Weight

Naomi Watts’ Fitness Routine Naomi Watts gave birth to her second child just a few months ago already seems to have lost all of her pregnancy weight.  How did Naomi  do it?  Keep reading to find out. Naomi Watts’ Diet “I haven’t even done much exercise yet (and) I eat more now than I did when I was pregnant!”  “I was hungry the whole time and I’m still hungry all the time!”  Naomi is said to eat a lot of vegetables, and she uses portion control to stay slim. Naomi Watts’ Workout Naomi is a big fan of pilates.  She did pilates throughout […]

Naomi Watts Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss

Naomi Watts Diet Naomi Watts Celebrity Diet and Workout routine has her looking great. Naomi doesn’t stress about her diet, but her lax approach keeps her in amazing shape. Want to know how she does it? Find out below. Naomi Watts Diet Naomi Watts eats a balanced diet, and uses portion control to stay trim. Naomi Watts Exercise She does pilates twice a week. Check out Winsor Pilates Tweet This Post