Marisa Miller and her Celebrity Weight Loss Secret

Marisa Miller’s secret weight loss secret? Exercising is not a luxury, it is a necessity! Marisa Miller was ranked as third most beautiful woman in the world and she shared her healthy weight loss secrets, dishing out fitness exercise tips and weight loss diet plan secrets for those who truly want to achieve more weight loss. Victoria Secret’s 31-year-old supermodel and fan of organic food, Marisa miller, said that, “Doing fitness training exercises is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.” Marissa Miller’s Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan In the morning, Marissa’s healthy weight loss diet plan includes eating full protein […]

Supermodel Marisa Miller shares some insider tricks for every woman

Marisa Miller’s Fitness Regimen Marisa Miller, a Victoria’s Secret Angel and cover girl for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, has a ridiculous body.  Read below to see if you agree with me. Tips from the Victoria’s Secret model for every woman! She is the type of woman that if you passed on the street you couldn’t resist stopping and watching her pass by. I mean, she might actually strike the perfect balance of looking fit but curvy, making her body the type that women dream of having and men dream of seeing in person. You might assume Victoria’s Secret model […]

Marisa Miller Celebrity Bodies, Grammys 2009

Marisa Miller’s Diet and Fitness Routine Marisa looks really toned here. It looks like all of her spinning and surfing is paying off. She is lean, and still has some muscle tone. If you want to know more about Marisa’s Diet and Fitness Routine Check out her other posts on HCLW. Supermodel Marisa Miller shares some insider tricks for every woman Marisa Miller Cosmopolitan Celebrity Workout Marisa Miller Celebrity Bodies, Fitness Magazine Marisa Miller Cosmopolitan Celebrity Workout Tweet This Post

Marisa Miller Cosmopolitan Celebrity Workout

Marisa Miller’s Fitness Regimen Marisa has an awesome figure.  It is clear that she works out and isn’t just a skinny Victoria’s Secret model.  She looks toned and fit.  Marisa is gracing the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine, and inside she shares her workout secrets.  We have some of the highlights for you, but you’ll have to check out the magazine for all the details, of course 😉  Check out Marisa’s Body Secrets Below. Resistance Band Kicks This exercise works Your Outer and Inner Thighs, and all us ladies want that! Step #1. Stand with your hands on your hips, with your feet […]

Marisa Miller Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Loss Weight With Marisa Miller Her food and fitness regiment keeps this 5 ft 8 inch model looking amazing. Marisa grew up on the beach and loves to surf. Being a Victoria’s Secret Model, Marisa takes her body seriously. She obviously knows what she’s doing. Want to know what she does? Keep reading and be sure to check out our highlights of November 2007 Fitness Marisa Miller’s Diet Marisa Miller eats a balanced, low fat diet with a lot of whole, organic foods. A typical Brunch for Marisa is a veggie omelet, and a mixed greens salad with cut green grapes […]

Marisa Miller Celebrity Bodies, Fitness Magazine

Marisa Miller’s Healthy Lifestyle The beautiful Victoria’s Secret Model Marisa Miller graces the cover of November 2007’s Fitness Magazine. She talks about her celebrity diet, and workout routine. Marisa’s lean, and feminine figure is the envy of many. Below are some of the highlights from the article. Highlights “I used to be shy about [my body] because I was a tomboy, but I was also a size D by the time I was 16. I’d hide my body in big T-shirts and baggy pants. If I was with friends at the beach and I had to get up to throw […]