Leonardo DiCaprio Diet and Exercise Secrets

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Fitness Routine Leonardo DiCaprio is hot, just look at the list of super models that he has dated. He has to be in great shape to be able to do that for so long. It has been noticed that DiCaprio was starting to lose weight fast which got the paparazzi and media busy wondering what weight loss program is he in. We have seen pictures of him that has made us go like how can I lose weight?  Read on for all the weight loss details! Leonardo DiCaprio is said to be determined to lose weight and be […]

Leonardo DiCaprio Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Tips

Leonardo DiCaprio Fitness Routine Leonardo DiCaprio Celebrity Diet and Workout routine keeps him healthy and in shape. Leonardo isn’t afraid to change the shape of his body for different roles. Whether he needs to gain a some weight or lose a few pounds he is up for the challenge. Want to know what he does? Check it out below. Leonardo DiCaprio Diet Leonardo DiCaprio eats organic and changes his diet with movie roles. When not filming Leonardo eats a balanced diet. Leonardo DiCaprio Exercise Leonardo has worked with person trainer Gregory Joujon-Roche. For the Movie “The Departed” his routine was stripped down […]