Celebrity Diets: Keri Russell’s Secrets to a Healthy Weight Loss

Keri Russell’s Fitness Regimen Keri Russell has always been petite.  But even after her first baby, it didn’t take her long to recover from it and lose weight.  While some women struggle so hard to lose weight after giving birth, most of us are wondering, how did Keri manage it?  To find out about her secret, read on. Keri Russell’s Fitness Regime Keri Russell does exercise by walking, sometimes with grocery bags, most of the time with her child.  When asked how she kept her energy up, she responded that if she has the time, she does some exercises.  When […]

Keri Russell Celebrity Baby Weight Loss

Keri Russell’s Weight Loss Interview Here at How Celebrities Lose Weight we posted a story about Keri Russell losing her pregnancy weight a few weeks ago. But, now Keri is on the cover of “Self Magazine’s” December 2007 issue, and inside she tells all the specifics about her amazing celebrity weight loss after the birth of her first child. Is it her amazing celebrity workout? What’s her secret? Check out the highlights from the article below, and find out all of Keri’s weight loss secrets that got her into shape within weeks– literally after she had her baby. What was […]

Keri Russell Celebrity Diet, and Workout, Baby Weight

Fast Weight Loss with Keri Russell Everyone wants to know how the beautiful Keri Russell lost her pregnancy weight so fast! We wanted to know too, so we found out.. This 5 foot 4 inch star of the hit show Felicity from the late nineties whipped herself into shape, after she had her son River Russell Deary on June 9th 2007. She was seen just 2 weeks later looking amazing (see photo below.) Want to know all her celebrity workout, diet, and weight loss secrets? Here’s a hint, she didn’t starve herself or kill herself at the gym… Keep reading […]