Kelly Ripa’s Healthy Weight Loss Program

Kelly Ripa’s Fit and Healthy Lifestyle She’s 40 years old but still in amazingly beautiful with an incredibly hot body to go with it. Hard to believe that Kelly Ripa of the Live with Regis and Kelly show is actually a mother to three kids already! It’s no surprise that people want to know what kind of diet plan she’s following and the fitness training exercise programs she’s doing to get in such an amazing physique. Kelly Ripa’s Diet Plan: Portion Control Joining the ranks of some other famous Hollywood celebrities who say “No to go crazy weight loss diet […]

Kelly Ripa Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Kelly Ripa’s Fit and Healthy Regimen Her routine has been revived as of 2006 and 2007. Kelly took a long break from working out. But in 2007 she quit smoking and got back into it. Now she looks great, and toned. Want to know how she did it? Check out her body sliming tips below. Kelly Ripa’s Diet Kelly Ripa uses portion control and a low carbohydrate diet to stay slim. She also isn’t a fan of breakfast. Kelly Ripa’s Exercise Kelly’s daily workout is Squat and rotational row, Rotational lunge, One-legged hip lift, Push-up with rotation, Inchworm and push-up, […]

Kelly Ripa on Fitness Magazine, Celebrity Diets and Workouts

Weight Loss with Kelly Ripa Kelly Ripa graces the cover of the December 2007 issue of Fitness Magazine. The Co-host of “Regis & Kelly” and the TV hit “Hope & Faith” knows how to stay fit! Besides her regular Diet and Exercise this gives even more insight it her celebrity slim secrets to stay in shape. Check out the best highlights of the article! Article Highlights Fitness: A lot of woman think if they didn’t exercise in their 20’s, there’s no way they can start at 35 or 40. You’ve done it. What’s the secret? Kelly: “I was the same […]