Kelly Brooks Weight Loss Program

Kelly Brooks fitness routine Kelly Brooks healthy lifestyle In a recent UK survey conducted by Fitness First Kelly Brook was voted the best celebrity body. Brook is an advocate of having a healthy weight loss program. “It’s about doing the activities that you enjoy in order to keep moving and stay active,” Kelly says of her healthy weight loss program. Kelly Brook, 29, is without doubt one the UK’s most attractive and fittest celebrities. She is also one the the most energetic, bouncy and fun loving celebrities, according to Health & Fitness magazine. Kelly Brook has in the past made […]

Kelly Brook Diet

Lose Weight with Kelly Brook Kelly Brook Diet and Workout Her fitness routine keeps this 5 foot 6 inch actress in shape and healthy. Kelly isn’t fanatical about dieting and exercising. her diet and workout regiment gives her energy and makes her feel good about herself. Want to know how she looks so good and still eats? Find out what her body slimming secrets are below. Kelly Brook Diet Kelly Brook does the Macrobiotic Diet, but still loves cheeseburgers. “I’m a fan of macrobiotics because I love the idea of eating what’s growing in your surroundings – seasonal, organic and whatnot. […]