Celebrity Bodies, Katharine Mcphee, 2008 Teen Choice Awards

Katharine McPhee’s Fit and Healthy Lifestyle Here is the beautiful Katharine Mcphee at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards.  We think she looks very healthy, and toned! I personally love her dress too.  It’s hard to believe that Katharine doesn’t really workout much.  If you want to know how she does stay in shape, and her diet tips check out her full post here. Tweet This Post

Katharine McPhee Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Tips

Katharine McPhee Fitness Routine Her body philosophy is keeps her healthy and looking great. Katharine struggled with bulimia for fives years, but she went to treatment and now she eats a healthy well balanced diet. Katharine takes care of her body and it shows. Want to know what she does to look so good? Keep reading to find out how she overcame her eating disorder, and maintains such an amazing physique. Katharine McPhee’s Diet Katharine eats a balanced diet. Katherine feeds her body with good food and lets herself splurge here and there. She is an anti-dieter. She met a […]