Celebrity Bodies, Red Carpet, Oscars 2009

Celebrity Weight Loss on the Red Carpet And the Winner is!! Kate Winslet. It looks like her pilates routine has kept her looking fit, even though she claims to have not worked out since October! Jessica Biel looks great as always.  Jessica is totally dedicated to working out consistently, and sticking to her diet. She never seems to go up or down as far as her weight goes. Lisa Rinna’s dancing workout have been paying off.  She is toned, and sleek.  She’s another celebrity who is consistent with her routine.  I think we’re discovering the secret to staying in shape here. 🙂 […]

Kate Winslet Celebrity Fitness, Elle Uk Cover

Kate Winslet’s Fit and Healthy Lifestyle Kate Winslet graces the cover of the February 2009 issue of Elle UK Magazine.  Inside she reveals her favorite exercise.  Kate has a refreshingly honest perspective on working out, and being in the public eye.  She always looks great these days, so it’s obvious she’s at least doing something if she’s not sweating at the gym every day.  Want to know the one workout Kate never misses?  Keep reading to find out what it is. Kate Winslet’s Never Miss Workout “I’ve actually been this way since I had Joe. I still don’t believe in this […]

Kate Winslet Celebrity Bodies, The Reader Premiere

Kate Winslet’s Fitness Routine Here is Kate at one of the premieres for her film “The Reader.”  In a recent interview Kate claimed that she hadn’t been dieting and working out in the midst of the current awards season.  (February 2009)  We can’t tell.  She looks toned and fabulous. Kate recently won a BAFTA award for best actress for her role “The Reader.”  Kate always tries to set a good example for young girls with her attitude about her body and her diet.  It’s good to hear a Celebrity in Hollywood, an actress no less be truthful about things like magazine […]

Kate Winslet, Celebrity Diet & Weight Loss, Body Image

Loss Weight With Kate Winslet Kate Winslet has always been outspoken about her weight, and the pressure to be thin in Hollywood.  Kate talks about her body after having two children, and the influence of skinny Hollywood actresses on young girls.  We like her attitude, so we put together some recent Kate quotes for you all to enjoy.  Keep reading to learn more about Kate’s thoughts on everything boy, fitness, and diet. Kate Winslet’s Diet & Workout Routine During the 2000 SAG Awards Kate opened up about her current diet, and workout routine. “I feel fat and unhappy next to other Hollywood actresses,’ says Kate Winslet. […]

Kate Winslet Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Kate Winslet’s Fitness Routine What routine keeps this 5 foot 6 inch actress in amazing shape? Well, Kate doesn’t go crazy with dieting, and isn’t a fan of working out, but yet she still does it. Kate has found a balance between her diet and working out that keeps her looking great. Want to know her body slimming secrets, and what her face has to do with her trim figure? Keep reading to find out below. Kate Winslet’s Diet Kate Winslet doesn’t drink alcohol, and doesn’t eat bread. She limits the amount of processed food she eats because of all the […]