Weight Loss Secrets From Kate Hudson

Loss Weight With Kate Hudson Kate Hudson looks hot! She is 5′ 6 and weights about 120 pounds! She is one of the most beautiful women in the industry. She has been on the cover of the 2009 issue of World’s Most Beautiful People. She looks like she has never been on a weight loss program. She is known for being in style, thin, sweet and sexy.  How is a person that is so fit, able to maintain that great look? Even worst, she had to lose 20 pounds for her role in the film “Earthbound”.  In the movie Kate […]

Celebrity Workouts, Kate Hudson’s Bikini Plan

Successful Weight Loss Tips From Kate Hudson Kate Hudson keeps herself in great shape with the help of her Personal Trainer Ashley Conrad. Ashley also trains Kate’s mom Goldie Hawn and The Office’s Rashida Jones.  Ashley has developed a one week diet plan to get anyone bikini ready fast!  Ashley developed healthy supplements for her clients, which are in individual packets.  Great for when you’re on the go.  They are called “Clutch Paks.”  Want to know how you can get beach ready in a hurry?  Check it out below! Kate Hudson’s One Week Bikini Diet Plan DAY #1 BREAKFAST One-half cup […]

Kate Hudson Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Loss Weight with Kate Hudson Her philosophy keeps this 5 foot 6 inch actress looking awesome. Kate doesn’t just look leans and toned naturally, but she has also lost a considerable amount of baby weight from pregnancy with her son. Kate takes care of her body and it shows. Want to know how she lost the baby weight, or how she manages to keep so fit all the time? keep reading to find out. Kate Hudson’s Diet Kate Hudson dropped some baby weight by exercising for 3 hours a day. She limited her calorie intake to 1,500 a day, reduced […]