Kate Beckinsale, Celebrity Bodies, 2009 Grammys

Kate Beckinsale’s Healthy Lifestyle Here is the beautiful Kate Beckinsale looking fabulous as usual. Kate is always lean and thin, but we don’t think she ever goes over to the too thin side. Which is good ! 🙂 Kate works out with Celebrity Personal Trainer Valerie Waters. Especially to get into shape for the Underworld movies. Kate does many different types of exercises with Valerie including martial arts, and running. Cardio such as running burns fat. So it’s a great way to get lean. The Most Popular Running Books! Click on the image to get your copy today! Amazon Link […]

Kate Beckinsale Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Kate Beckinsale’s Maintains a Healthy Lifestyle Her body philosophy keeps this British hottie in enviable form. She was ranked #63 in “Stuff Magazine’s 102 Women In The World” issue. Kate is trained as a dancer, so she naturally has developed long and lean muscles, but that is not the only reason she looks so good. Keep reading to find out what she does. Kate Beckinsale Diet Kate uses portion control. She eats what she likes in moderation and would rather focus on her diet than workout. Kate Beckinsale Exercise Kate works out at the gym. In 2006 she worked with […]