Julianne Moore’s Fitness Trainer Spills the Beans on Her Fitness Exercise Program

Julianne Moore’s Diet and Fitness Regimen Julianne Moore’s movie Chloe had caused quite a ruckus in Hollywood as the famous actress shared a kiss with her young female co-star Amanda Seyfried in the movie. But that’s not all that’s making the rounds in Hollywood. Julianne Moore had looked stunning when she walked on the red carpet during the premiere of her movie, Chloe. Julianne Moore is a sexy, successful, 49-year-old celebrity with several Oscar nominations under her belt. She is a happily married mother of two, and with her hot body it is hard to imagine that she could ever […]

Julianne Moore Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Tips

Julianne Moore Healthy Weight Loss This actress’s regiment keeps her looking thin and lean. Julianne is very health and body conscious. Julianne has voiced her distaste for the “size zero” mentality of Hollywood. Julianne stays in shape, and takes care of herself. Want to know how she does it? Keep reading to find out her body slimming secrets below. Julianne Moore’s Diet Julianne has used the Zone diet and uses Portion Control. Julianne Moore’s Exercise Julianne does yoga, cardio, and pilates. Julianne Moore’s Quotes “If you want to know the truth about actresses, it’s that we’re hungry all the time. […]