Celebrity Bodies, Red Carpet, Oscars 2009

Celebrity Weight Loss on the Red Carpet And the Winner is!! Kate Winslet. It looks like her pilates routine has kept her looking fit, even though she claims to have not worked out since October! Jessica Biel looks great as always.  Jessica is totally dedicated to working out consistently, and sticking to her diet. She never seems to go up or down as far as her weight goes. Lisa Rinna’s dancing workout have been paying off.  She is toned, and sleek.  She’s another celebrity who is consistent with her routine.  I think we’re discovering the secret to staying in shape here. 🙂 […]

Jessica Biel Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Tips

Jessica Biel Maintains a Healthy Lifestyle Her fitness routine keeps this 5 foot 7 inch actress in incredible shape. Jessica is no stranger to the gym, and lives an active lifestyle. Jessica watches what she eats, and works out a lot. Want to know Jessica’s body slimming secrets? Find out how she does it below. Jessica Biel’s Diet Jessica Biel eats small meals five times a day to fire up her metabolism mostly lean meats and vegetables. For breakfast she might put a scoop of chocolate protein powder in her oatmeal for more energy. Jessica avoids sugar, dairy and flour. […]

Jessica Biel Celebrity Diet, and Workout GQ

Jessica Biel’s Diet and Fitness Routine Every time we see this in shape celebrity she is more fit and looks better and better. Just look at the picture from GQ Magazine. She works for it though, everyday practically. Us Magazine did a interview with Celebrity Trainers. Here are some highlights from the article in US Magazine, and some info from Jessica herself. Very interesting info! 1. Change is good! Jessica Biel’s trainer, Jason Walsh, likes to keep his client mentally stimulated. “I’m a big advocate of recreational sports and stuff. If someone can get out there, even if it’s a […]