Jessica Alba Workout

How to lose pregnancy Weight Like Jessica Alba Actress Jessica Alba best known for her role as Susan Storm in the hit marvel movie Fantastic Four flaunted her slim, toned post-baby physique in a body-hugging strapless dress at a cancer benefit in New York few months ago. This is the first time Alba, 31, has been on the red carpet since giving birth to her second child, daughter Haven, in August. Jessica was in NYC with husband Cash Warren to attend a gala dinner to benefit the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention. She’s already a mother of two but she still looks like […]

Jessica Alba’s Fantastic Diet Plan and Fitness Exercise Program

Jessica Alba Workout Routine In a recent shoot for GQ, Jessica Alba appears to be in top form as she gears up for the filming of Sin City 2 this summer. She’s only 29 but this actress is already a mom to a beautiful baby girl, Honor Marie Warren and wife to Cash Warren and she’s still one of the hottest actresses around! Since Hollywood and the fans are dying to know the diet plan and fitness exercise program of Ms. Alba, she gamely lets us in on her weight loss plan and fitness training exercise program. Jessica Alba’s Diet […]

Celebrity Diets and Workouts, Jessica Alba Baby Weight

Jessica Alba’s Diet and Fitness Plan Jessica Alba gave birth to her daughter on June 7th, 2008.  In just over a month it seemed that Jessica was back to her pre-baby figure.  At How Celebrities Lose Weight weren’t surprised that she got back into shape and drops the weight fast.  Jessica is open about how she felt about her body when she was pregnant, and we all know she is envied for her physique.  Want to know what Jessica’s pregnancy workout was, and how she lost her baby weight so fast?  Keep reading to learn all of Jessica’s Diet, Workout, […]

Jessica Alba Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Tips

Jessica Alba’s Fit and Healthy Lifestyle Her fitness regiment is responsible for her thin, and lean figure. Jessica’s body is the envy of many woman. This 5ft 6inch star has been eating right and working out since she was young, and it looks like it has paid off. Find out what she does below. Jessica Alba’s Diet Her diet is light usually and has a salad for lunch and chicken or fish with vegetables for dinner or sushi as well. Jessica does not eat deserts or bread & eats 6-7 small meals all day. Jessica picks healthy snacks like dried […]

Celebrity Jessica Alba Diet, Nintendo Wii Workout

Jessica Alba’s Weight Loss Routines This is a fun way for this celebrity to stay in shape. Jessica is not stranger to working out, but even she couldn’t resist getting into the fun of a Wii workout. What does she do? Jessica Alba has found a fun way to workout using the Nintendo Wii. Unlike her crazy circuit training, or cardio blasting workouts. She can play video games like tennis and burn some calories. She could be using a sword or a racket or even a bowling ball. The popularity is growing larger and larger every year since the introduction […]

Celebrity Model Adrianne Curry Tips and Secrets

Adrianne Curry Weight Loss Tips Lose Weight with Adrianne Curry Adrianne Curry reveals all those Tips on how to be a model, she knows her stuff! She is best known from “Next Top Model” and bunch of other Reality TV Shows. She has such beautiful skin and a great head on her shoulders. So Read through these tips and try them all. This is from her and husband Chris have a line of shampoos and cleansers. Read them all! Weight Loss Tip #1 Drink at least six 7-fluid ounces of water a day. Weight Loss Tip #2 Take your vitamins! […]

Jessica Alba’s Chicken Enchilada’s

Jessica Alba Favorite Weight Loss Recipe Jessica Alba is known to have cooked for herself since she was 12. I am sure since then, she came up with recipes of her own. Below is a recipe from Self Magazine, and it is a great recipe, try it out! Practice that portion control now, cause these taste really good. Makes 4 servings. 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (about 5 oz each), cut into strips 1 jalapeno pepper1 clove garlic 1 jar (12 oz) salsa 1 cup shredded lowfat cheddar1/2 cup shredded lowfat Monterey Jack 1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro1 can (2.25 […]