Jennifer Love Hewitt Spills the Beans on Her Weight Loss Plan and Exercise Program

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Fitness Regimen Jennifer Love Hewitt is a singer, actress and producer best known for her role as scream queen Julie James in I Know What You Did Last Summer and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. Now Jennifer Love  Hewitt is a TV star and producer in the hit show Ghost Whisperer. But other than playing these memorable characters, Jennifer Love Hewitt is recognized in Hollywood as the sexy pear shaped woman and when photos of the star in a bikini with undeniable cellulite exposed were released in the Internet, it cost quite a stir. […]

Jennifer Love Hewitt Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Fitness Routine The former star of Party of Five and I Know What You Did Last Summer is working on the fourth season of Ghost Whisperer. Jennifer Love Hewitt talked to Health Magazine about her body, her workout, and her attitude.  We think Jennifer is a great role model for young women, because she loves herself, and is more interested in health than being thin.  Jennifer is also rare in Hollywood.  She is an actress who “can’t wait until they turn 30.”  Here are some tidbits from the interview. Q: Your character, Melinda, rarely seems to get a good night’s sleep. […]

Celebrity Diets and Workouts, Jennifer Love Hewitt Loses 18 Pounds

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Healthy Lifestyle Jennifer received a lot of slack for gaining weight in the past few years.  As, many women pointed out, that is what happens when you fall in love!  Jennifer stood up for women of all shapes and sizes at the time.  But, now she is slimming down, and feeling great!  Jennifer told Us Weekly all about it, and we’ve got the highlights just for you How Celebrities Lose Weight Fans!  Keep reading! Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Weight Loss Tips Jennifer might be slimming down for her upcoming wedding.  More of Jennifer’s specific diet and exercise tips […]

Jennifer Love Hewitt Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Tips

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Diet and Fitness Routines Her Regiment has kept this 5 foot 2 inch actress looking great in 2006 and 2007 Jennifer took a lot of flack for putting on a little weight. But we are sure that she will drop the weight when and if she wants, and do it in a healthy way. Want to know how she gets into shape for a movie role? Check out her diet and exercise secrets below. Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Diet Jennifer Love Hewitt cuts out bad carbs and uses portion control. Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Exercise When a movie role […]