Jennifer Lopez Weight Loss Diet Plan and Fitness Training Revealed

Celebrity Weight Loss Plan with Super Star Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez Diet Jennifer Lopez, aka J. Lo, is 40 years old, yet she’s still one very bootylicious lady! This Latina Hollywood A-List star is not just a triple threat – singer, actress, dancer, she’s also a wife to singer Marc Anthony and a mother to twins! No doubt this woman’s got her hands full. So people can’t help but wonder: With all these things going on in her life, how in the world does J.Lo manage to stay as sexy as she is? J. Lo says she’s basically just like […]

Jennifer Lopez Trains for a Triathlon

Jennifer Lopez, This is How To Lose Weight Jennifer Lopez gave birth to twins Max and Emme six months ago, and now the 39-year-old has decided to do a triathlon. Jennifer will bike, swim, and run the Annual Malibu Triathlon next month.  Jennifer plans to donate for donating any money that is raised to the Children’sHospital of Los Angeles.  Jennifer has gotten into great shape after having her babies by working out with her longtime personal trainer Gunner Peterson.  Jennifer reportedly gained fifty pounds while pregnant.  We think she looks great! “It came up when I was eight months pregnant, when I was beached like a whale,” […]

Jennifer Lopez Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Tips

Jennifer Lopez Weight Loss Secrets Jennifer Lopez Celebrity Diet and Workout. Her fitness regiment has kept this latin singer & actress in a-list shape for years. Jennifer has not fallen prey to some of Hollywoods “size zero” mentality, and has remained proud of her curvy figure, and encourages women of all sizes to love their bodies. Want to know what J-Lo does to get that curvaceous body? Find out below. Jennifer Lopez Diet Jennifer Lopez eats Mini meals all day, avoids deserts and does not drink alcohol. Jennifer also uses Portion Control. Jennifer Lopez Exercise Jennifer works out with a […]