Jaime Pressly Celebrity Diet, Workout, & Weight Loss, Shape

Jaime Pressly’s Healthy Lifestyle Jaime graces the cover of the March 2009 edition of Shape Magazine.  Jaime is well known for staying in shape, and being a bit of a fitness buff.  We think she looks healthy and fit.  We have some of the highlights from the article.  Keep reading to find out how you can get in shape like Jaime. Jaime Pressly’s Workout Plan Jaime combines cardio, and resistance training for a serious workout.  Jaime works out with her trainer Mike Jones four times a week.  Her workout session is a circuit training regiment which includes kickboxing, and serious power-liftign moves […]

Jaime Pressly Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Baby Weight

Loss Weight Tips from Jamie Pressly Jamie Pressly Loses Baby Weight in record time! We all know Jamie is one celebrity mom who was very motivated to get in shape quickly after she had her baby, but she wasn’t kidding. Want to know Jamie’s secret to losing her pregnancy weight so quickly? Find out how she did it below. Jamie Pressly’s Diet Jaime Pressly lost the first 10 lbs of her post baby weight using a 7 day detox plan, consisting of 3 days of only cabbage soup and veggies, with a potato and grilled chicken by day 6. Now she […]

Jaime Pressly Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Successful Weight Loss Tips from Jaime Pressly Her body routine has kept the 5 foot 5 inch actress lean and firm for years. Jamie has the lean and athletic physique that so many women are after and so many men desire. Jamie is no stranger to working out and eating right. Check out her regiment below. Jaime Pressly’s Diet Jaime Pressly eats lots of protein, and lots of big green salads, meat and potatoes. She loves pasta but doesn’t eat a lot, and cut out a lot of carbs. She does eat a lot of fresh fruits like honeydew and pineapple. […]