Jada Pinkett Smith On Top of Her Weight Loss and Fitness

Jada Pinkett Smith’s Successful Weight Loss Actress Jada Pinkett Smith is one of the few Hollywood actresses out there who have not only conquered the big screen by appearing in box office hits such as The Nutty Professor and The Matrix sequels but also conquered being a good wife, mother and all without sacrificing fitness. In fact, even with her hands full, she’s managed to stay on top of her fitness exercise regimen and has also managed to simplify not only her fitness exercise goals and diet plan but also her family including husband, actor Will Smith and three kids. […]

Jada Pinkett Smith Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss

Jada Pinkett Smith’s Healthy Diet and Weight Loss Regimen Her routing keeps this 5 feet tall actress in amazing shape. Jada is very serious about her diet and about working out. Want to know how she gets so lean and buff, on and off the screen? Keep reading below to find out all of her body slimming secrets. Jada Pinkett Smith’s Diet Jada Pinnkett Smith follows a low carbohydrate, no junk food diet. When Jada was pregnant with her first child she found herself reaching for Frosted Flakes and Pringles. She ended up putting on 50 pounds. She was careful not […]