Hilary Swank Looks Amazing, Get Her Diet and Exercise Secrets

Hilary Swank’s Healthy Lifestyle Hilary Swank is a favorite celebrity here at www.HowCelebritiesLoseWeight.com. We have featured her quite few times because she looks amazing and she is not afraid to share with us what are her secrets. Hilary Swank is very serious about her diet and about her exercise routines. She has nutritionists advising her, she has personal trainers helping her and she follows their advice religiously.  What does she do in her daily life to get such amazing results. Well, get them all right here at www.HowCelebritiesLoseWeight.com Hilary Swank Diet Hilary Swank was a vegan for 28 years. She […]

Celebrity Hilary Swank and Her Healthy Living

Hilary Swank and Supplements Hilary Swank is on the cover of W magazine’s January 2008 issue! She is best for her role as a boxing champion in “Million Dollar Baby.” This in shape celebrity reveals to W magazine some insight in to how she keeps so healthy and fit. One of her secrets is Oz Garcia a well known Nutritionist and Author of “Simple Steps to Looking Ten Years Younger” and “Look and Feel Fabulous Forever“. It looks like Oz knows what he is talking about. 🙂 Keep reading the to get the highlights! Highlights She’s got one ally to […]

Hilary Swank Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Secrets

Hilary Swank Weight Loss Hilary Swank Celebrity Diet and Workout. This fit actress’s body regiment keeps her strong and lean. She is famous for the traumatic change in her body for her character in “Million Dollar Baby”. Want to know how she stays in shape on and off the screen? Keep reading to find out her body slimming secrets. Hilary Swank Diet For her role in “Million Dollar Baby” Hilary Swank consumed about 210 grams of protein a day. At one point she could only eat 50 grams of carbs a day. She was drinking egg whites, and slept nine hours […]